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Quest CE’s Best Selling E-learning Courses in 2020

In this article, we round up our “Top 10” bestselling Firm Element courses this year. Read More

Why G&E Tracking is More Important Now Than Ever

If you’re sitting there thinking to yourself “well, that’s just one less thing our compliance team has to worry about this year,” I may urge you to reconsider. Gift and entertainment-related risks haven’t gone away, they’ve just evolved, and so too will your policies and procedures to keep pace. Read More

Three Pro Tips for the MLB’s New Compliance Officers

What lessons can we bestow on the MLB's new compliance officers? In this article, we share several truths to running a successful compliance program. Read More

FINRA-Registered Firms, Reps Continue to Decline

New research by FINRA shows that registered firms and representatives continue to decline and that far less representatives are joining the industry. Read More

FINRA Warns Firms of Copycat Website

FINRA is warning the public of an imposter website that uses a domain name nearly identical to that of FINRA's, but contains an extra "n". Read More

SEC Highlights Risks to Firms Due to COVID-19

The SEC has issued a risk alert on the COVID-19-related risks, issues, and challenges faced by investment advisors and broker-dealers. Read More

DOJ Edits Guidance for 2020 Compliance Programs

This article summarizes the DOJ's recently edited “Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs” (2020 Guidance). Read More


SEC Releases Alert on Ransomware Attacks

The SEC is warning advisors and broker-dealers to immediately review their cybersecurity controls, as phishing and ransomware attacks are on the rise. Read More

FINRA Tackles What’s Next for Reg BI in New Podcast

According to FINRA's podcast, initial reviews will focus on whether firms have put in place policies, procedures and training. Read More

FINRA Addresses Exam Cheating at Board Meeting

A recent influx of cheating scandals at testing centers has prompted FINRA to create new procedures on how to identify, and eliminate, cheating in the future. Read More