Value-Add Continuing Education (CE) Programs

Whether you plan to offer in-person or webinar continuing education as part of your sales strategy, we work with you to ensure your delivery method and content are approved to teach across all state and designation boards.

Classroom CE

Boost attendance at your next wholesaler meeting by offering classroom CE.

Super CE

Offer up to 8-24 credits of CE in one single, self-study course/review session.

On-Demand CE

Offer designation credit for the podcasts or webinar recordings on your website.

Webinar CE

Connect with advisors on a personal level through video conferencing tools.

Delivery Types

Appeal to your greatest audience by offering different delivery options.

Course Management

Quest CE will file and keep active all of your approved courses. We also have the resources to author and/or review your content, as needed, which provides you the highest possible chance of course approval.

Instructor Management

We also file and keep active all your instructors for approval with the designation and insurance boards. Before filing, Quest CE will verify that the minimum standards are met with the boards for approval.

Attendee Credit Rostering

Our team submits course completions typically within two business days. Attendees will receive an email from Quest CE advising them that their credits have been processed and how to access their certificate(s).

Platform Features

Our system makes it easy to file courses/instructors and schedule CE events.

Designed With Ease in Mind

Take advantage of various platform features that we’ve implemented to simplify your online filing process.

Quickly identify scheduling conflicts in real-time by validating course/instructor approvals and cross-checking regulatory requirements.

Create weekly data feeds that can pull information into your firm’s internal or third-party CRM, connecting external and internal wholesalers.
In just a few clicks, we make it easy to download reports detailing exactly which events advisors attended and how many credits they received.
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Virtual System Solutions

Digital solutions to save you time and energy that can be spent elsewhere — or not, we don’t judge.

Track and manage your active courses and instructors and receive email alerts for upcoming renewals in case you want to retire old content or non-active instructors.
After your event is over, and CE credits are processed with the states/ boards, a digital certificate will be made available to attendees for proof of completion.
Easily submit courses and instructors through our online approval queue. If we need additional information on the filing, we’ll simply chat you through the system.

Why Work with Us?

Watch this short video on why firms work with us to help manage their Value-add CE.

We Know What it Takes

In today’s highly competitive industry, it’s become increasingly difficult for your wholesalers to not only maintain, but grow their business. To face this challenge, more and more companies are integrating continuing education classes into their wholesaler presentations as a means to generate new leads, deepen advisor relationships and increase ROI.

Successful CE
Courses Filled + Approved
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Capitalizing on Continuing Education

Learn how value-add CE helps build stronger relationships with the financial advisors you work with.

2024 Financial Advisor Survey Results

When it comes to the financial advisors you work with, have you ever wondered how much they value the continuing education (CE) you offer? Or what topics of education they’re most interested in? Well, you’re in luck! We surveyed over 20,000 advisors to find the answer to these and many more questions.

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