Form ADV Part 2B Brochure Supplement

Automate the ADV Part 2B supplement creation process with fully customizable PDFs.

Supplement Automation 

Transform your brochure supplement into an easy-to-fill, reusable template.

Build Reliable ADV 2B Supplements

Leverage Quest CE’s Form ADV Part 2B Questionnaire as the basis for your own questionnaire and brochure output. Once an adviser completes the 7-section questionnaire, it gets routed to a processing queue for your compliance team to review and approve. During this time, compliance can either, approve, deny, or request additional information from the “submitter” before the supplement becomes available for download.

Mail Merge: Questionnaire Data

With Quest CE’s powerful Mail Merge, your firm can easily create a brochure template and then tailor it for each adviser without having to manually enter the information for each individual. Data will map over directly from the questionnaire, which includes Educational Background, Business Experience, Cover Letter Details, and Supervisory Contacts.

Mail Merge: Disclaimer Text

While some of the data will map over exactly as responded by the adviser, other mail merges can be set-up to display pre-built disclaimer text that will get added automatically to the brochure based on the response provided in the Form ADV Part 2B Questionnaire.

Customize your Approval Workflow

The system’s approval hierarchy can be set-up to enforce your firm’s unique departmental, branch, or divisional workflows. Additionally, there are no limits on the levels of approval needed. Whether you set your account up so each submission requires one level of approval, or three, it’s entirely up to you. From the Processing Queue, you’ll be able to easily distinguish the status of each submission and where it sits in the approval workflow. Once a Form ADV Brochure Supplement is approved by compliance, advisers can easily login to the system to Download the PDF for use.

Make Material Updates a Breeze

Compliance administrators can also mandate that all advisers in the system recertify that the information provided on the supplement is still accurate. If it’s not, the adviser can easily submit changes to compliance for review. Instead of forcing the adviser to go through and answer every question again, they have the option to only submit the information that has changed to reduce data re-entry and approval redundancy.

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