In today’s competitive financial services landscape, firms are constantly seeking ways to gain an edge. One often overlooked opportunity lies in better leveraging the rich data from your continuing education (CE) programs to drive more targeted sales and marketing. By setting up automated data feeds from your CE platform into your CRM, you gain valuable visibility into prospective and existing clients while streamlining back-office workflows.

The Benefits of Connectivity

More Intelligence for Sales: Your sales teams gain invaluable intelligence for prospecting and client engagement when CE participation data flows seamlessly into your CRM. They can easily see who has attended past events, allowing personalized and timely follow-ups. Over time, the depth of someone’s CE activity also signals opportunities to have richer conversations and strengthen relationships.

Smarter Marketing Campaigns: Marketers can slice and dice CE data to identify various audience segments for targeted messaging campaigns via email, social media ads or other channels. For example, campaigns could be tailored for those who attended a specific CE course, webinar host, wholesaler’s event, etc. Seeing what topics and events resonate can help continuously refine content and experiences.

Operational Efficiencies: Syncing CE data into your central CRM eliminates the tedious manual process of having to login to a separate system to pull down reports, reducing overhead costs and risks of human error. This saves back-office teams significant time while ensuring sales and marketing get accurate timely data.

At Quest CE, our CE management platform makes setting up automated CRM data feeds simple. The feeds can include attendee details, event/course specifics, on-demand CE activities and more with the frequency of your choosing. We integrate seamlessly with Salesforce and any CRM with FTP or API capabilities. Let us help you start connecting the dots in your data to drive more CE value.

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