Compliance Management System

Our system helps you deliver training, track disclosures and remediate risk, all from one centralized dashboard.


Renaissance is our all-in-one compliance management system (CMS) that helps simplify the process of managing your annually-required training and tracking procedures. Known for its user-friendly interface and integrated service options, the platform is easy to maintain, with unmatched client support.


Build your Program your Way

Need to customize your courses, exams, surveys, audits and policies on-the-fly? No worries, our managed programs give you the tools to create and edit your own materials, without the need for outside assistance or advanced programming experience. Once materials are created, they can easily be grouped into lesson plans to be assigned to different departments or user profiles.


Firm Element Express

Set-up a program in 30 minutes or less using our self-service solution. Ideal for firms with 20 representatives or less.

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Managed Programs

Build and launch a custom training program while benefiting from the management experience of a dedicated Account Executive.

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Better by the Bundle

Each service can be purchased individually, or bundled together, to create a full-coverage program.

Firm Element Training

Deliver your Needs Analysis Survey and choose from over 450 Firm Element courses.

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Investment Advisor Training

Offer robust training opportunities to help your advisors succeed.

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MSRB Training

Provide training that facilitates compliance with key MSRB rules and regulation.

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Compliance Meetings

Save time and money by taking your Annual Compliance Meeting online.

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AML Training

Stay BSA compliant with a diverse range of Anti-Money Laundering courses.

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Cybersecurity Training

Bolster your firm’s cybersecurity protocols with security awareness training.

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Disclosure Tracking

Actively track outside business activities, gifts, customer complaints and more.

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Compliance Questionnaires

Collect and analyze data regarding your representatives’ annual compliance activities.

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Audit Management

Limit risk exposures by leveraging our award-winning branch audit solution.

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Policy Attestations

Provide a unified location for corporate policies and internal documents.

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Custom Content

Transform your firm's live presentations into responsive e-learning courses.

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FINRA E-Learning

Gain access to FINRA E-Learning programs and individual courses on-demand.

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Compliance can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.