Compliance Technology, Redefined

Tired of duplicating compliance work? We thought you might say that.

Renaissance, CMS

Finally, a compliance system that helps you do more with less.

Renaissance is our all-in-one compliance management system (CMS) that helps simplify the process of managing your annually-required training and tracking procedures. With Renaissance, you have the ability to host and manage all of your firm’s compliance needs under one roof. Known for its user-friendly interface and integrated service options, the platform is easy to maintain, with unmatched client support. Additionally, Quest CE’s CMS provides WORM storage for firm’s record retention needs.

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Platform Features

Impactful User-Design

The Renaissance system’s main dashboard features an icon-driven menu structure that guides users to their most time-sensitive compliance tasks.

Dynamic Reporting

Our dynamic reporting dashboard makes it easy to align your compliance program objectives with your overall risk management strategies.

Flexible Hierarchy

User access rights can be mirrored after your firm’s internal hierarchy to ensure the right people have access to the right information.

Automated Email Reminders

Create, manage and execute targeted emails based on the status of your users’ activity. Emails can be scheduled to go out daily, weekly or monthly.



Mobile-Ready Access

Our system is completely mobile compatible, allowing your users to access it from any internet-accessible laptop, tablet or smartphone.



Customizable Portals

Create a custom portal that looks and feels like an extension of your firm’s corporate website. Simply send us your logo and preferred branding.



Bundled Services

Choose from one or many of the below service options.

Continuing Education

Browse our Catalogs: Firm Element, Investment Advisor, AML & more.

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Compliance Questionnaires

Collect and analyze data regarding annual compliance activities.

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Conflict of Interest Tracking 

Track Outside Business Activities, Gifts, Entertainment and more…

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Policy Attestations

Electronically host all internal policies and corporate documents.

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Compliance Review/Meeting

Cut costs and improve productivity with our on-demand technology.

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Audit Technology 

Limit risk exposures by leveraging our award winning audit solution.

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