As a wholesaler looking to increase sales by incentivizing financial advisors, continuing education (CE) voucher cards present a compelling marketing tool. Their flexibility and wide applicability make voucher cards useful across numerous outreach campaigns and situations.

What are CE Voucher Cards?

CE voucher cards provide insurance agents with credits that can be redeemed for a CE course from a catalog of eligible options. The cards are pre-paid, and can be redeemed for state Insurance continuing education, or a range of designation credits, including CFP and IAR CE.

Here are some of the best ways wholesalers are integrating CE voucher cards into marketing efforts:

New Product Launches

When unveiling a new product, offer advisors CE voucher cards for attending the introductory webinar or training session. This incentivizes advisors to learn about the product while allowing you to educate them on its benefits.

Account Based Marketing

Identify key advisor accounts you want to penetrate further and provide the primary point of contact a prepaid voucher card as a goodwill gesture. This makes them more receptive to subsequent meetings.

Multi-Channel CE Programs

For classroom, webinar or multi-session advisor training initiatives, provide CE credits via voucher cards for finishing the class or program. This encourages advisors to complete the entire training and creates another engagement opportunity for your firm.

Conference Exhibiting

Instead of branded merchandise, give advisors voucher cards for stopping by your conference booth. This draws more traffic while supplying something of high value.

Content Downloads

When advisors access wholesaler-gated content like market research reports, they can redeem a voucher card code granting CE credits. This incentives downloading your best content.

Showing Appreciation

Adding voucher cards is a thoughtful way to express gratitude to the financial advisors in your life. Whether you give them as part of a holiday greeting or as a surprise token of appreciation, voucher cards convey your thanks for everything they do. It’s a simple yet meaningful gesture that advisors are sure to appreciate.

The flexible nature of the cards enables their use across virtually any promotional initiative. As a tool for increasing favorability and face time with financial advisors, CE voucher cards deliver immense marketing value to wholesalers. To learn more about Quest CE’s voucher cards, click here.