Super CE

Offer several hours of CE training in one single review and exam session.

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Appeal to more advisors with our multi-credit CE offering.

What is “Super CE”?

Extremely appealing to advisors, this increasingly popular continuing education (CE) delivery method is a high-credit delivery method that offers anywhere from 8-24 credits for state insurance and designation CE. Upon registering for the event, your advisors will receive a self-study packet, for which you will later help them prepare to pass the exam in a quick review session.

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Easy-To-Use Technology

Using our system, QuestTrak, you can easily schedule your Super CE events and track attendee registration, all from a centralized location. Once an event is scheduled, the system will automatically generate a registration link/code for you to plug into your own branded invites to send to your prospective attendees.

Customizable Content

If you are looking to separate yourself from your competition, you can include your branding into our off-the-shelf content. You can also edit the content itself if you want to make certain topics more concise, or you can expand on other areas as well if you think your audience would benefit from this. Finally, we can even file your own custom content for you as well!

Online vs In-Person Review Sessions

Once advisors have completed their online, self-study training, your firm’s 1-hour review session acts as an opportunity to prepare them for the online exam.

For advisors who are working from home or limiting travel, you can deliver this high-credit option entirely remote via webinar. Alternatively, this can also be conducted during a face-to-face classroom setting.

Complete Your Program

Discover these other value-add CE delivery options.

Webinar CE

Connect with advisors on a personal level through video conferencing tools.

Classroom CE

Boost attendance at your next wholesaler meeting with classroom CE.

On-Demand CE

Offer designation credit for the podcasts or webinar recordings on your website.

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