Policy Attestations

Host your firm’s corporate documents and monitor attestations under one roof.

Easy Document Control

Have firm members attest that they have read and understand your polices.

All Your Polices, Under One Roof

PolicyLITE, our web-based policy attestation solution, allows your team to host and review all of its compliance documents from one centralized location. Once a policy is created and approved, it can quickly be uploaded to the system for a hassle-free approach to keeping your firm members informed and up-to-date on the latest industry developments.

Easy Two-Step Process

Step 1: Upload

Maintain compliance at your firm by uploading all of your company-branded documents to a centralized dashboard. By uploading your documents and policies into our system, you can quickly communicate important internal updates and regulatory changes across your firm.

Step 2: Attest

Once documents are uploaded in the system, you can easily assign them to specific users or your entire employee population to be reviewed and attested to. With our technology, you’ll know exactly who certified to what policy and when, so you’ll never have to worry about manual upkeep.

Resource Library

The Resource Library allows you to manage and control files that don’t necessarily require an attestation, but you would like them to be reviewed by your user population. You can organize content by category, such as HR, sales, or marketing, to keep everything appropriately indexed. It’s a great tool for the organization and distribution of vital corporate information.

Complete Your Program

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