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Six Tips for Making a Safe Return to Classroom CE

While the threat of the pandemic isn’t completely behind us, many advising firms and their wholesalers are eager to find ways to safely resume in-person meetings. As you start to plan out future CE events, safety needs to be a top priority. Here are six things organizations should consider when planning for a return to classroom CE events. Read More

Four KPIs to Measure the Success of your CE Program

A robust CE program comes with its fair share of data, which can sometimes make it tricky to pinpoint the program’s key performance indicators (KPIs) that lead to ROI. To clear up some of the confusion, we’re listing the top four KPIs you should reference when tracking the success of your CE program. Read More

How Firms are Capitalizing on Virtual “CE” Roadshows

Virtual tradeshows are optimized to keep conversations, ideas, and engagement flowing constantly. They prioritize the needs of the attendees and turn one-off on-site events or webinars into recurring virtual experiences where you can educate and sell year-round. Read More

Five Tips for Making Your Webinars Stand Out

As webinar invites continue to fill advisor’s inboxes, it’s more important than ever to make your presentation stand out from the pack. To help rack up more registrations for your next webinar, consider the following tips. Read More

Five Courses to Assign After the FINRA Conference

For compliance professionals and others in the financial services industry, the Annual FINRA Conference is one of the year’s most highly anticipated and attended events. With all that the FINRA conference has to offer, it’s important for attendees to incorporate what they have learned into their firm’s compliance program. Here are five Quest CE courses to pair with the 2021 Annual FINRA conference sessions. Read More

Cards Vs. Codes: Learn About Different Voucher Types

With CE vouchers wholesalers can incentivize advisors to attend sales meetings, fill out website forms, download content, and so much more. One thing that many firms don’t know about CE vouchers, is that there are several options delivery methods available. In this article, we talk about the three types of CE vouchers firms can utilize. Read More

Three Reasons Why Firms Choose Super CE

As a highly sought-after continuing education (CE) delivery method, Super CE is the perfect addition to any firm’s sales strategy. Although many firms have been utilizing Super CE for a long time, others who are less familiar with it have been missing out on this unique opportunity. So, if you’re someone who has been on the fence about adding Super CE to your sales strategy, here are three reasons to help get you over the hurdle. Read More

Four Takeaways from our Exam Priorities Webinar

Joined by Foreside Financial Group’s, Myles Blechner and Ginny Voos, Quest CE hosted a webinar to discuss some of the challenges compliance officers and firms faced in 2020, as well as some of the top takeaways from this year’s examination priorities letters. Here are some of the top takeaways from the presentation. Read More

Five CE Methods for Each Stage of the Sales Funnel

In this article, we share how the various continuing education (CE) delivery methods can be utilized to attract advisors at all stages of the sales funnel. Is your goal to attract more leads? Convert more new business? Or retain loyal customers? No matter where they are in their buyer journey, we have the tools you need to transition cold leads into brand loyalists.  Read More

“Spring Clean” Your CE Program with These Four Tips

QuestTrak is the perfect tool for organizing, managing, implementing, and tracking all things related to your firm’s continuing education (CE) program. However, like your home, your account may need a good “spring cleaning” every now-and-again. Not only that, but this time of year is perfect for getting your account prepped for any upcoming CE events. Read More