As one of the leading continuing education (CE) delivery options, many of our clients are thrilled to see Classroom CE events making a comeback. However, the return to classroom doesn’t mean you should abandon your webinar events all together. So, while class may be back in session, here are five reasons you should continue offering hybrid CE events.

Increased Reach and Attendance

It’s definitely possible for a classroom event to attract a decent crowd, but opening the session up for virtual attendance will undoubtedly draw in larger numbers. Not only that, but virtual delivery allows you to open your event to people who may not typically be on your invite list, due to their geographic location.

Higher Engagement

One of the big concerns of hosting a webinar or virtual event is that attendees won’t be as engaged with the content. While you can’t help that some people may get distracted or tune out the event, certain rules from state and designation boards have been put in place to ensure most virtual attendees are paying attention. In fact, Webinar CE requires attendees to be active in the portal for a minimum of 50 minutes and to participate in polling questions along the way. Failing to meet any of these requirements means they won’t receive CE credit. This can put wholesalers’ minds at ease when wondering whether their virtual attendees are engaged or not.

Reduced Travel Costs and Environmental Impact

When the pandemic first hit, we really got a glimpse of the impact that reduced travel could have on the environment. Since the streets were practically empty, we saw a major decline in harmful emissions. While face-to-face meetings are still important, going hybrid is a great way to accommodate attendees who might feel guilty about their personal carbon footprint. Not only that, but fewer people traveling means smaller (and cheaper) meeting venues can be booked and travel costs can be greatly reduced.

Get a Higher ROI

Calculating the ROI for a CE event can be tricky, especially because there are many moving parts involved. However, you can pretty much guarantee that offering hybrid events will increase your ROI, simply because you’re able to offer the event to way more people. And of course, the more people who attend your event, the more leads you can add to your sales pipeline.

Appeal to the Masses

At the end of the day, attending an in-person event is still a preferred method by many. But that doesn’t mean this type of meeting is everyone’s cup-of-tea. By offering a hybrid option, you’re giving people the opportunity to choose the environment that best fits their learning preference, travel abilities, and time constraints.

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