Custom Content

Customized training options to enhance your representatives’ performance.

Training That’s Tailored to You

Sometimes, off-the-shelf content can’t always effectively communicate your firm’s stance.

When You Need Custom Content

Through our compliance management system, we offer several solutions to make your courses or on-demand modules more tailored to your firm. Whether you’d like to incorporate your own company’s messaging into one of our pre-built courses, or create something totally new, we have the tools, training and technology to help you get the most out of your e-learning program.

Branded Portals

Ask us how we can make your training portal consistent with the look, feel and branding of your company’s existing web presence.

Consultant Programs

House, manage and report on all of your client’s data in one centralized location, while still being able to drill into specific accounts, when needed.

Course Licensing

You can also license courses through us to eliminate the need to develop content internally, while capitalizing on your firm’s current LMS.

Custom Content

We can convert training materials you already have, or customize our content to match your firm’s training needs. Upon request, our content specialists can additionally author custom content to fit your editorial vision, interests and compliance goals.

Course/Exam Builder

Course Builder is a web-based course authoring software that enables you to author, edit, and manage custom courses/exams. With a few clicks, you can add content, make revisions and upload rich media, including dynamic text, images, video and audio.

Complete Your Program

Finish your program by adding these other services!

Annual Questionnaires

Add an actionable ACQ to your program to verify your representatives’ annual activities and disclosures.

Conflict of Interest Tracking

Individually track Outside Business Activities, Gifts, Entertainment, Customer Complaints and more!

Annual Compliance Meeting

Cut costs, improve productivity and accelerate learning with our online meeting technology.

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