Over the past two years, we’ve experienced schools shutting down, store shelves being emptied, and major lapses in social interaction. To piggyback off that, your wholesalers have lost out on their number one lead-generating strategy – hosting live continuing education (CE) events.

Now that many daily routines are normalizing, it’s time to reintroduce Classroom CE events into your sales strategy. Before you dive in, there’s a few things you’ll want to consider before scheduling your next Classroom CE event. This article lays out the eight common questions our staff has fielded since in-person seminars have resumed.

What’s a CRD Number and Why Do I Need it?

A CRD number is a unique identifier that FINRA assigns to all registered brokers and brokerage firms. We ask for these identifiers on our attendance sheets for two reasons. 1) This number never changes, even if the representative changes firms., so it allows us to keep our records up-to-date.  2) Many firms track CRD numbers in their CRMs, which may be integrated with our CE Administration Tool, QuestTrak.

Who Wants the Sheet Signed, Sealed, Delivered?

When it comes to CE delivery in any form, you always have to pay attention to the rules each state and/or designation has in place. For instance, some states/designations require attendees to sign in and out of each seminar, on top of requiring the instructor’s signature. CA, CT, FL, KY, NY, WA, WI, and NASBA (CPE/CPA) all have this requirement.

Choose the Correct Delivery Method

To avoid paying change request fees, it’s important to set up your seminar appropriately the first time around. If the plan is to host a Classroom CE event, you must select that option during the setup process. Events that are set up incorrectly, but include a note stating the intended delivery method, could still result in a fee.

Where do Babi…Materials Come From?

Okay, so we’ve established that several states require certain materials, like sign-in sheets, at your events. The next question is, how would you like to receive these materials? One of the perks of working with us is that our system lets you pick the method that best fits your needs. Materials can be emailed, downloaded from QuestTrak, or mailed via FedEx.

How do I Return Materials?

You hosted the event; you gathered the materials – now what? You have to send them back, of course! If you opted to have the materials shipped to you via FedEx, then you received a pre-paid return envelope from us. If you opted to download the materials or have them emailed to you, you’ll simply need to scan them and email them to seminarfollowup@questce.com.

We’re Changing the Venue? What Do I Do?

We get it, sometimes things come up and you need to make adjustments to your event on-the-fly. However, changes that seem small may have a bigger impact than you think. Because of that, anything that needs to be “changed” after-the-fact, like the venue location, will require you to submit a seminar change request.

You Audit Know About It

For Webinar CE events, it was understood that if an auditor was in attendance, you’d know about it. Now that you’re getting back into live CE events, will you know if an auditor is in the crowd? Yes – typically the auditor will introduce themselves to the instructor before the CE session kicks off. Although, from a Quest CE standpoint, our team is not notified if an auditor is attending a live event.

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