Gratitude is a dish best served throughout the year, but the holiday season is the perfect time to dish out further appreciation to your business partners, clients and prospects. While some companies opt for simple holiday cards or elaborate gift baskets, asset management and insurance companies have found continuing education (CE) voucher cards/codes to be a valuable gift that aligns with their sales strategy.  

For firms that have yet to experience the power of voucher cards/codes, you’re missing out! These one-time vouchers can be redeemed for a variety of insurance and designation CE credits and for as many credit hours as the course provides – Ex. A single voucher may be redeemed for a CFP course worth four credit hours. To give you a better idea of how this value-add solution can help your business, here are five benefits of using CE voucher cards/codes in your holiday-time sales strategy. 

1.) Build Brand Awareness 

Brand identity is key to any business. Voucher cards represent cost-effective advertising that can help keep your business top of mind with your market. Traditional voucher cards serve as wallet-sized advertisements that share your organization’s messaging at a much lower cost than other advertising outlets. In addition to convenience, digital voucher codes can help promote your brand to prospects working their way down the sales pipe.  

2.) Keep Advisors Interested 

The holiday season is busy for everyone, but it doesn’t mean that business operations can be put on hold. To encourage advisors to continue attending your Q4 CE sales meetings and webinar events, offer CE vouchers to those who take the time to attend. This simple gesture could help bring more advisors in the door while giving them the gift of CE credit in return.  

3.) Encourage More Engagement  

Engagement with a customer can start with a voucher card/code, but it doesn’t have to end there. Voucher card programs open doors to deeper customer relationships and additional marketing opportunities. On top of that, your wholesalers are some of your top brand ambassadors, so giving them the opportunity to market through a voucher CE program gives them a chance to make stronger connections with the advisors they work with. 

4.) Easy Distribution 

In times where delivering CE via a classroom or webinar event isn’t on the docket (like during the busy holiday season, perhaps), CE vouchers can serve as a simple alternative to your continued sales strategy. Physical voucher cards can be included in your annual holiday cards or offered as an incentive for taking a meeting. Alternately, digital voucher codes can be delivered through your monthly newsletter or an email campaign. Giving value-add CE to your clients/prospects doesn’t get much easier than that!  

5.) Generate Useful Data 

Vouchers open doors that allow you to better understand your clients and/or prospects and, in turn, allow you to serve them more efficiently. When utilizing a company like Quest CE to deliver your voucher card/code program, you will be equipped with a custom-branded portal that helps you collect data that can give you valuable insights into your market. Online portals track voucher redemptions, giving your firm insight into the type of course topics and credit offerings your market finds most valuable. This data can then be used to plan out your future CE strategy.  

To learn how to leverage your voucher cards during the holiday season, check out this blog. To request more information on Quest CE’s voucher card program, click here