The sales funnel. Just like its name indicates, a sales funnel illustrates the steps a buyer takes before becoming a customer. Each stage of the funnel is designed to push your most qualified prospects into the next stage. You’ve probably heard it referenced from time to time, but have you ever stopped to consider which stage of the funnel your continuing education efforts fit in?

In this article, we share how the various continuing education (CE) delivery methods can be utilized to attract advisors at all stages of the sales funnel. Is your goal to attract more leads? Convert more new business? Or retain loyal customers? No matter where they are in their buyer journey, we have the tools you need to transition cold leads into brand loyalists.

Awareness: CE Voucher Cards

The top of the funnel is all about getting your name out there, bringing awareness to your brand, and connecting with as many advisors as possible. Since these are typically advisors whom your wholesalers haven’t connected with yet, we recommend offering CE voucher cards/codes at this stage. These value-add vouchers are redeemable for online CE credits and can be distributed in a ton of unique ways. Wholesalers can attach CE codes to lead generation emails or mailers, hand them out at networking events and conferences, add custom codes to their business cards, and much more! If you have an email address or mailing address, that’s really all you need. As a hands-off approach to CE delivery, vouchers are the perfect method for adding new leads to the sales pipeline.

To learn more about the various uses for voucher cards/codes, click here.

Interest: On-Demand CE

Once leads familiarize themselves with your brand and start to become more active on your website, social media platforms, etc., they officially move to the interest stage of the sales funnel. With more leads coming to your website, we suggest including on-demand designation CE credits in your sales strategy. On-Demand CE is a service that allows you to attach designation CE credits to the content pieces you already host on your website, such as whitepapers, podcasts, webinar recordings, etc. Tacking on CE credit to your content is the perfect way to add more value to your leads while moving them further down the funnel.

To learn more about Quest CE’s On-Demand CE service, click here.

Decision: Super CE

The middle of the funnel is where leads start warming up to the idea of working with your firm, either now, or possibly down the road. For advisors who are teetering in the decision stage, Super CE is a viable delivery option. This self-study CE method gives advisors the opportunity to earn anywhere from 8-24 credits all at once. All you have to do is send them a code to access the high-credit course materials and later on host a short review session to prepare them to pass the exam. From the wholesaler’s standpoint, this method gets you some “face-time” with the advisors (could be virtual, or in person) so you can start making stronger connections with them.

To learn how Quest CE can help you launch a Super CE event, click here.

Action: Webinar CE

At this stage in the game, leads are piping hot. They already know whether they want to work with your firm and it’s time for your wholesalers to take action. Even if these leads decide they aren’t ready to go all-in right now, it’s crucial to continue nurturing these advisors until they’re in a better position to buy. One of the best CE delivery methods for advisors in this stage is Webinar CE. This delivery method gives wholesalers the opportunity to get in front of advisors to discuss some of the products your firm has to offer while offering CE credit in return. Delivering webinar CE is a great way to start building lasting relationships with your advisors.

To learn more about how Quest CE can help you run a successful Webinar CE program, click here.

Loyalty: Classroom-CE

Once leads have worked their way through the sales funnel and made the decision to partner with your firm, they have transitioned to the loyalty stage. Even though you’ve made the sale and you’re eager to move more advisors to this stage, it’s important to continue nurturing your existing client relationships. A great way to do this is by offering Classroom-CE. While some firms still use this delivery method as a way to nurture leads, it’s typically advisors who are more familiar with you or your business that attend. Proven to stand the test of time (even despite the recent pandemic), in-person sales meetings will always offer that intangible value you just can’t get elsewhere.

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