Classroom CE

Attract more advisors to your next product meeting by offering classroom CE.

Boost Meeting Attendance

Boost attendance at your next wholesaler meeting by offering classroom continuing education (CE). Worried about the paperwork that accompanies these events? We have you covered! From filing your courses with the appropriate state/designation boards to processing completions, Quest CE has the tools, staff and technology you need to host your next classroom CE event. We will work with you to ensure your instructors & content is filed with the boards, which allows you to focus more attention on networking with your clients and prospects!

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Where We Bring (Added) Value

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our system has built-in technology to ensure you only schedule events that are within the window of the state’s required advance notice guidelines. Also, when you are filing new content/instructors for approval, you can do this via our admin dashboard for our entire support staff to monitor, which eliminates the risk of getting lost in a single contact’s inbox.

Dedicated Support Staff

You will always have access to a dedicated Account Management resource who is familiar with your program. In addition to this, we have additional staff committed to ensuring your program runs smoothly, the necessary info is filed with the appropriate boards, and credits are processed within two business days. Also, we will always do our best to accommodate special requests, contacting the governing bodies on your behalf to ensure your CE events go off without a hitch!

Consultative Approach

Our experienced staff works with the states & designation boards every single day, and we are always willing to ensure your content has the best chance of getting approved. If you are seeking guidance on a specific presentation/topic, we can put our eyes on this and offer guidance/suggestions to minimize content not getting approved, or any unnecessary back-and-forth.


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