As an insurance provider, you know how impactful it can be to offer complementary continuing education (CE) to the advisors you work with, but are you also aware of the different ways in which CE can be delivered to attract various types of learners? It’s no secret that everyone retains information differently; some people prefer to learn in a live, face-to-face environment while others excel in a self-paced, e-learning setting.

When mapping out your CE strategy, you should consider all the delivery methods that are available to you. In this article, we list out the different kinds of CE delivery methods that can be utilized, and explain the types of learners that are attracted to each. As an added bonus, we’ll also highlight the benefits that each delivery method provides to instructors.

Delivery Methods:

Classroom CE – When it comes to continuing education, this traditional delivery method is still an attractive option for many financial advisors. In fact, our 2020 Financial Advisor Survey results showed that 32% of financial advisors still prefer the face-to-face interaction that a live, classroom environment provides. This delivery type makes it easy for advisors to ask questions on-the-fly and network with like-minded individuals. On the flip side, hosting live events gives instructors the opportunity to meet with prospective clients to build trusting relationships and showcase their product knowledge.

Online/Self-Study – Although there are still plenty of financial advisors who favor face-to-face learning, the majority (46%) of advisors prefer the flexibility and independence of online, self-study. This learn-at-your-own-pace method benefits those on-the-go advisors who want to complete their CE requirements on their own time, and at their own pace.

Although it may seems like e-learning doesn’t offer any benefit to CE instructors, that’s not always the case. This is where voucher cards come in handy. These custom-made cards are redeemable online for a number of state-specific and designation CE credits and can be distributed in many different ways. Visit our website to learn how value-add voucher cards can help grow your business.

Webinar CE – For the learners who best retain information in an instructor-led setting, but also appreciate the flexibility of online learning, webinar CE is the way to go. This increasingly popular method incorporates instructor-led delivery while eliminating the hassle of traveling to an onsite location. While this best-of-both-worlds method can attract all types of learners, it also provides a number of benefits for instructors. For instance, webinar delivery is a cost-effective way to reach advisors outside of your typical sales territory – logistically speaking. Not only that, but by eliminating the need to book and travel to venues, this method allows you to deliver more CE presentations, more often.

Super CE – There’s no question that keeping up with continuing education is important for advisors, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s everyone’s favorite task. That’s where Super CE comes in. This multi-credit offering allows advisors to view the course materials on their own time and complete the course in a one-hour review session followed by a comprehensive exam. This delivery method is ideal for busy advisors who are looking to complete their required training as quickly as possible. As for instructors, offering Super CE allows you to reach these one-and-done advisors that are less likely to attend one-off CE events.

On-Demand CE – If there was a way for you to offer CE credit for a podcast, webinar or whitepaper your team produced, would you take advantage of that? Well, there is! This on-demand delivery method awards designation CE credit to advisors for simply reviewing content on your website. Each qualifying content piece comes complete with a 10-question exam, ensuring that the content was fully viewed. Speaking from experience, we know that you and your team work hard to produce impactful marketing pieces. By using this unique delivery method, you can increase traffic and overall engagement on your website.

As long as continuing education is required in this industry, offering diverse learning opportunities for advisors will continuously serve as a powerful recruiting and marketing tool. To learn more about the different delivery methods available, contact a sales representative at or call 877-593-3366.