Webinar: Leveraging Quest CE’s Policy Attestation Tool


MILWAUKEE – August 16, 2016 – Your policies and procedures are crucial to your firm’s culture of compliance. They tell your representatives how your firm operates – from the securities laws you enforce to the internal rules you develop. With so much at stake, and with new and changing regulation taking form each day, FINRA expects firms to have a system or process in place to not only maintain these important documents, but also track and verify that representatives have “read and understand” what’s included in them.

Join us Wednesday August 24th at 12pm CST as our Account Executive Manager, MacKenzie Nold, demonstrates how Quest CE’s Policy Attestation Tool can help simplify your firm’s policy and procedure workflow, while strengthening compliance supervision. Nold will also highlight the benefits of Quest CE’s Resource Library, an online file directory used to warehouse supplementary corporate documents, such as licensing forms and marketing materials. Quest CE’s Senior Web Developer, Tige Prickett, will also be on hand to answer technical questions and annotate any feedback regarding the system.


  1. PolicyLITE Demonstration
    • Policy Onboarding
    • Digital Attestations
    • Real-Time Reporting
  2. Resource Library Demonstration
  3. Practical Applications
  4. Q&A



Click here to register for the August 24th webinar at 12:00pm CST.

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The anticipated duration of this webinar is 30 minutes. If you or an associate is unable to attend the webinar series but would still like a demonstration/copy of the presentation, please contact our account executive team at 877-593-3366 or email info@questce.com.

Space is limited, so please register early. The seat limit, per session, is 100 participants.


About Quest CE

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