Effective August 1, 2023, NASAA no longer requires an assessment requirement (i.e. exam), for live courses. Previously, NASAA had required a 10-question exam, per credit, for all live and self-study IAR CE courses.

In a statement, NASAA shared that “the committee received feedback that requiring a course assessment for live courses as laid out in the Program Handbook creates a potential barrier to offering such courses. As we have consistently done over the past two years, the committee took the feedback seriously and spent several weeks researching the matter and discussing it. We feel this updated requirement better aligns with industry practice and will open a new medium of IAR CE course content while maintaining the integrity of the program.”

In place of the assessment requirement, NASAA will require:

  • elements of engagement (at least one element per credit) to be specified (and subject to approval) as part of the course application. Elements of engagement can include group discussion, polling questions, use of a case study, etc.

According to NASAA, live courses are considered courses either in-person or live-streamed. If the live course is recorded and then offered on demand later, the on-demand version must meet the typical self-study assessment requirements.

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