Clients Pave the Way to QuestTrak Enhancements

Listen, learn and transform the ideas of our clients into truly superior products and services. This is the goal we set when we launched our User Advisory Group webinar series at the start of 2019, and it’s the mantra we’ve followed to get our system to where it is today.

We started this group to provide our clients – both large and small – with the chance to have their voices heard and keep abreast the latest innovations we’re bringing to market. Throughout this time, we’ve encouraged our clients to offer feedback, which has allowed us to address common pain points and make improvements to our services.

“I want to personally thank every member of our User Advisory Group for the tremendous insights and ideas they brought to the program thus far,” said EVP of Compliance and Operations, Adam Krenke. “We’re excited to continue collaborating with this group to see what more we can achieve together in 2019 and beyond.”

Six months in, we thought we would highlight some of the client-inspired improvements made to our technology, in addition to the enhancements still coming down the line.

Electronic Course/Instructor Filings:

The first, and arguably one of the most exciting updates, is the ability to submit instructor and course filings online. With our new electronic approval queue, wholesalers and program administrators can seamlessly submit their instructor and course filings through our continuing education platform, QuestTrak. By eliminating the bulky email submission process, wholesalers and client administrators can now track filing status’ from a secure, centralized location.

Expiration and Renewal Reminders:

We also created a way for firms to know exactly which of their course and instructor applications are coming up for renewal across varying state/designation boards. Through our automated renewal queue, any course/instructor that comes within 150 days of its renewal date will be added to the queue automatically and remain there for 30 days (120 days until the renewal date). During this 30-day window, a decision can be made to renew the course/instructor or terminate the filing. Courses not addressed within this time frame are automatically renewed, as to avoid non-compliance.

The Dark Font Rises:

To give actionable icons within the system a better sense of shape and volume, we updated their color transparency to a darker shade. This change has helped create greater visibility and site navigation for system users.

On-The-Fly Course Assignment:

We also added the functionality to allow client administrators to add and remove courses from individual user accounts within QuestTrak.

Simple Seminar Set-up:

At the request of our clients, we added a New Seminar Set Up button to the client administrator and user dashboards as well as within the Courses tab. That way, when a course is approved, users can immediately begin scheduling continuing education events.   

To Keep or Remove – It’s Now Up to You:

To help give clients more freedom to run their program self-sufficiently, we built out a function to deactivate old courses and retired instructors in the system. This helps ensure that profile information is clean and up-to-date for agents in the field.  

Auto-Fill for the Win:

A checkbox has been added to QuestTrak that will auto-fill seminar contact information if the seminar contact is the same as the host or instructor, removing the need to record duplicate information.

Customer Portals are Here to Serve

Want to give your program administrators, course authors and instructors a centralized hub to access important information about your firm? Now you can! These custom-branded customer portals were built to help users easily find “help” documents, browse approved course listing(s) and self-register for instructor/supervisor access, without ever logging into the system.

Coming Soon! Billing Face-Lift:

As mentioned in several of our user-group meetings, the IT team has been hard-at-work revamping our current billing process. The billing project is focused on creating a process within QuestTrak that takes historical snapshots of invoices, ensuring that this information is recorded in its original state and easily accessible in the future. Additionally, all billing information will now be shared and stored in QuestTrak, which allows you to review it in real-time rather than needing to revert back to old emails.

Coming Soon! Public CE Exams:

We have a new service coming down the line! This new service will allow you to offer certain Designation CE credits through your published white papers, podcasts, videos, etc. Here’s how it will work: you’ll offer a piece of content on your website which will contain a link to a Quest CE-authored public exam for your users to take. From there, Quest CE staff will take care of the grading process and report the credits to the appropriate designation board(s) on the user’s behalf. This new services is slated to be ready to go by mid-August.

The Quest CE User Advisory Group meets virtually every other month to discuss changes and updates as well as provide feedback on product betas, new enhancements, and upcoming projects.  To learn more about Quest CE’s User Advisory Group, or to join the conversation, click here.