MILWAUKEE – Quest CE, trusted provider of compliance training and tracking technology solutions, today announced the addition of the new Firm Element course, “Short Selling & Reg SHO,” to its e-learning catalog.

This course examines the practices and regulations of transactions where investors can sell a security, they don’t actually own called selling short or short sale. As with all security transactions, the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has defined what can and cannot be done, i.e., the rules and regulations for short sales. This course examines the details of how short sales work and the applicable SEC regulations, referred to as Reg SHO. Of primary concern to the SEC is the delivery of the shares being sold short. This topic is thoroughly covered throughout the course.

Unsurprisingly, where there are rules and money changing hands, there will be those who, purposely or through negligence, circumvent the rules. Some examples of those situations are also included. Although the concept and certain terminology of short sales may be familiar, completion of this material will help the learner better understand the rules, regulations, and complexities involved.

Course Topics Include:

  • Investment Account Requirements
  • Short Sale Examples
  • Risk Factors
  • Naked Short Sale
  • Regulation SHO
  • Reg SHO’s Four General Requirements
  • Rule 204 – Close Out Requirement Details
  • Regulatory Actions
  • Proposed Regulations
  • Case Studies

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