MILWAUKEE, WI, February 5, 2024 — Quest CE, trusted provider of compliance technology solutions, is proud to announce the roll-out of its new Form ADV Part 2B Brochure Supplement Tool. The fully automated solution aims to allow advisory firms to easily transform their Form ADV Part 2B brochure supplements into reusable templates that simplify the supplement creation and approval process.

“An automated solution like this solves a persistent pain point for firms by streamlining the entire supplement process, from creation to approval. This saves considerable time and resources while ensuring supplements contain accurate, up-to-date information,” said Alex Krenke, Chief Commercial Officer at Quest CE.

Using the tool, firms can create an online questionnaire based on the ADV Part 2B requirements that advisers complete to populate their brochure supplement. The completed questionnaire data will then get mail merged into a company-branded supplement that is fully personalized to each adviser. Custom disclosure text can also be automatically merged based on advisers’ responses. Once data is submitted or altered, compliance has the opportunity to review the materials, request additional information, or make edits in real-time.

Automated emails will alert both adviser and/or compliance administrators, informing them of any activity in the system, including if additional information is necessary. Upon approval, investment advisers can easily login to the system to export the supplement for quick and seamless delivery to clients.

Key benefits of the tool include:

  • Build reliable, compliant ADV Part 2B supplements in a reusable format
  • Leverage mail merge to automatically pull data from completed questionnaires
  • Add standardized disclosure text based on responses
  • Customize approval chains to match organizational structure
  • Facilitate compliance review with an easy-to-use processing queue

Compliance administrators are also able to mandate that all advisers in the system recertify that the information provided on the supplement is still accurate. If it’s not, the adviser can choose to submit changes to compliance for review.

The SaaS-based solution integrates seamlessly with existing systems and is currently available for financial services firms of all types and sizes. For more information regarding the service click here. To schedule a demonstration of the tool, contact us here.


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