Webinars are all the craze today, and for good reason. These web-based meetings have allowed insurance wholesalers and product specialists to continue offering instructor-led continuing education (CE) events in the absence of in-person meetings. However, we’ve noticed that not everyone is using webinars to their full potential.

Although it’s always the goal to fill the seats for you live webinar, the allure of your content shouldn’t stop after the live session. Keep the webinar top-of-mind by giving advisors the option to earn designation CE credit just for tuning into your recording. If you’re unsure of how this technique can help, here are three reasons you should consider filing your ready-made webinar recording for on-demand designation CE credit.

Push traffic to your website.

Imagine, you just wrapped up your most recent webinar and you had goal-setting attendance – well done! Our advice? Don’t let that great content piece go cold. In working with our team, we can help file that same 60-minute video for on-demand designation CE credit, which can now be taken by more than just the people that attended your live webinar. You’ll be able to push more traffic to your website and keep your webinar relevant long after the recording has stopped.

It’s simple, and inexpensive.

Because you’ve already worked to develop the content and deliver the presentation at your live webinar event, most of the “hard work” is out of the way. At this point, we would just need to get that webinar recording (video) approved for designation credit. Once approved, we would use our Online Public Exam service to build a 10-question exam based the materials provided, which they will then be able to access upon consuming the content. If the reader passes the exam with a score of 70% or higher, they’ll receive continuing education credit on-the-spot. It’s really that easy. Not only that, but the cost to file the webinar for additional credit is extremely affordable to your firm.

Keep track of new and pre-existing leads.

As marketers, we know that tracking specific leads on your website isn’t always easy. This is why Quest CE’s Public Exam service collects and stores your most valuable data in one centralized location. Within your personalized platform, you’ll have access to information for anyone who converted on your website to earn continuing education credit. Your internal wholesaler can then use this to follow-up with leads and your marketing team can use this information to track the success of their marketing efforts.

To learn more on how to integrate webinar delivery into your CE program, check out the article: Continuing Education Guidance in a Remote World. To learn more about how Quest CE can help you make the most of your continuing education program, click here to request more information.