“Top 10” Firm Element Courses in 2018 (So Far)

At Quest CE, there is no shortage of continuing education courses. The difficult question is determining which training is best suited for your firm. In this article, we outline our top 10 most popular Firm Element courses in 2018, thus far.

As always, we want to remind firms that they should consider their size, structure, and scope of business, as well as any regulatory developments, before implementing their Firm Element program. Courses outlined in this article are not to be taken as recommendations, as a comprehensive Needs Analysis is required.

1.) Anti-Money Laundering: Beneficial Ownership

  • Course ID (INT Version): 9692
  • Course ID: 9278
  • Number of Slides: 32
  • Est Time of Completion: 20 Minutes

Description: This course will review the customer due diligence (CDD) regulations that have been set by organizations developed to combat criminal use of financial systems around the world. Additionally, the course will focus on the most recent regulations adopted by the U.S. Treasury.

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2.) Ethics and Professional Conduct

  • Course ID (INT Version): 9857
  • Course ID: 2776
  • Number of Slides: 66
  • Est Time of Completion: 35 Minutes

Description: This course is intended for registered representatives, investment advisers, compliance staff and supervisors that work with retail investors. This course covers some of the basics of ethics and offers a glance at past legislation that has brought us to where we are today. By also outlining the responsibilities of each professional, this course sheds light on why it is imperative that all members of any profession maintain and adhere to professional ethical standards.

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3.) Financial Exploitation of Specified Adults & Customer Account Information (FINRA Rules 2165 & 4512)

  • Course ID (INT Version): 9869
  • Course ID: 9226
  • Number of Slides: 30
  • Est Time of Completion: 20 Minutes

Description: This course addresses FINRA Rule 2165, which focuses on the protection of ‘specified adults,’ including seniors. The new rule, as well as related amendments to books and records requirements in Rule 4512, imposes new requirements on FINRA member firms designed to avoid and mitigate financial exploitation of seniors and other vulnerable adults.

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4.) FINRA – Annual Compliance Reminders for Institutional Registered Representatives – Vol. 4

  • Course ID: 9429
  • Number of Slides: 44
  • Est Time of Completion: 30 Minutes

Description: This course uses scenarios adapted from actual FINRA disciplinary actions to remind institutional registered representatives about their compliance obligations. Volume 4 covers private securities transactions, use of social media, conflicts of interest, ethical behavior and customer complaints.

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5.) Advanced Anti-Money Laundering Overview

  • Course ID (INT Version): 9746
  • Course ID: 3937
  • Number of Slides: 29
  • Est Time of Completion: 20 Minutes

Description: This advanced-level firm element course provides a higher level look at AML for all types of financial services representatives and agents, and includes real-world case studies to illustrate the concepts discussed. Topics covered by this course include: Understanding the evolution of AML laws in the US; Real-world examples of red flags; How reporting tools are used by FinCEN and law enforcement; and Examination of case studies, focusing on red flags that were caught or missed, and how the criminals involved were abusing financial services to launder money for illegal endeavors.

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6.) FINRA – Conflicts of Interest

  • Course ID: 9186
  • Number of Slides: 50
  • Est Time of Completion: 30 Minutes

Description: This course highlights conflicts of interests that could arise between registered representatives, clients and firms in the securities industry. Conflict-related scenarios are presented to help registered representatives learn how to better identify, mitigate and manage conflicts of interest in their business. This course is not included in Quest CE’s Firm Element Program, as it is a FINRA Firm Element course.

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7.) FINRA AML: Wholesalers: Understanding your Compliance Obligations

  • Course ID: 9205
  • Number of Slides: 35
  • Est Time of Completion: 15 Minutes

Description: In this course, scenarios highlight risks wholesale firms and registered representatives face when handling unusual account activity and expediting the account opening process. This course is not included in Quest CE’s Firm Element Program, as it is a FINRA Firm Element course.

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8.) Anti-Money Laundering and Red Flags for Institutional Clients

  • Course ID (INT Version): 9771
  • Course ID: 1492
  • Number of Slides: 26
  • Est Time of Completion: 20 Minutes

Description: This course is directed to individuals working with institutional clients who must become more aware of the requirements to detect and prevent money laundering. Specifically, this course complies with the USA Patriot Act requirements for ongoing anti-money laundering training. The course begins with a review of money laundering regulations and the organizations charged with enforcement. The course then outlines the various money laundering stages and suspicious activities that can help personnel detect and prevent money laundering. Finally, the course outlines responsibilities for representatives dealing with institutional clients focusing on knowing your customer, information verification, due diligence, and finally a case study identifying the importance of the following rules and potential problems that may occur if AML procedures are not followed.

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9.) Investment Adviser – Fiduciary Responsibilities

  • Course ID: 4490
  • Number of Slides: 29
  • Est Time of Completion: 15 Minutes

Description: An investment adviser stands in a special relationship of trust and confidence with, and therefore is a fiduciary to, its clients. Understanding “fiduciary responsibility” is critical, because it is at the core of being a good investment adviser. In a very practical sense, if an adviser and the adviser’s employees understand the meaning of being a fiduciary and incorporate this understanding into daily business operations and decision-making, clients should be well served. This course will clarify the history, scope, and liability associated with the fiduciary responsibilities of an investment adviser.

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Senior Exploitation & Regulatory Concerns

Course ID (INT Version): 9867

Course ID: 8841

Number of Slides: 28

Est Time of Completion: 19 Minutes

Description: In this course, we’ll discuss some of the major compliance concerns associated with today’s aging population. More specifically, we’ll highlight early warning signs of financial exploitation, recent disciplinary actions, and a survey conducted by NASAA. We’ll also touch on FINRA’s recent rule amendments and changes aimed at helping prevent elder financial abuse.

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