There are various ways to include value-add continuing education (CE) in your firm’s sales efforts, but one of the simplest options is often overlooked. CE vouchers are, well, exactly what they sound like – voucher cards or codes that are redeemable for continuing education credit. This simple, cost-efficient CE delivery type can be leveraged to bring more advisors into your sales pipe.

By having CE vouchers at-the-ready, wholesalers can incentivize advisors to attend sales meetings, fill out website forms, download content, and so much more. One thing that many firms don’t know about CE vouchers, is that there are several delivery methods available. In this article, we talk about the three types of CE vouchers firms can utilize.

Physical CE Voucher Cards

CE vouch cards are a timeless addition to any sales strategy. These standard cards are redeemable for one course (not to be confused with one credit!) and they can help advisors get one step closer to completing their CE requirements. The card can be redeemed for a course with any credit value, such as one of our 15 credit courses! Part of what makes voucher cards so valuable for firms, is that they can be customized to represent your brand and can be handed out to advisors on the fly.

Some advisors have leveraged voucher cards to incentivize advisors for attending a meeting about their products, welcome a new advisor to the firm, or send as a holiday gift. No matter how a wholesaler chooses to distribute the CE voucher cards, advisors will appreciate the gesture and have to physical card to remember you by.

Digital CE Voucher Codes

In a time when handing out physical cards doesn’t seem plausible (like in a global pandemic, perhaps), or isn’t convenient, then digital CE voucher codes are a great alternative. Like standard cards, CE voucher codes are redeemable for one continuing education course of the advisor’s choosing. The great thing about digital codes is that they can be easily distributed to tons of advisors individually or all at once. Some wholesalers have leveraged CE voucher codes to incentivize advisors for attending a webinar, downloading a whitepaper, or reviewing a product video. Since these codes can be delivered digitally, there are endless opportunities to provide value-add CE to new leads and current clients.

Platinum/Unlimited CE Vouchers

As we’ve established, offering CE vouchers can help your wholesalers get a leg up on the competition. If you want to take your strategy to the next level, platinum vouchers may be the answer! What’s the difference? Platinum vouchers are redeemable for unlimited CE credit for an entire year, meaning that your firm could help advisors complete all their CE requirements for their current cycle. These CE vouchers are available in both physical cards and digital codes and are the top choice for firms that want to be able to offer something truly unique to their prospects.

Whether you like the convenience of having CE voucher cards on hand, or the simplicity of digital codes, including CE vouchers in your sales strategy will set your wholesalers apart from the competition. If you want to learn more about how you can use CE vouchers in your sales strategy, click here. If you would like more information about Quest CE’s CE voucher program, click here.