As a highly sought-after continuing education (CE) delivery method, Super CE is the perfect addition to any firm’s sales strategy. This multi-credit offering is appealing to both advisors and wholesalers who want to diversify their sales strategy and get their foot in the door with new leads.

Although many firms have been utilizing Super CE for a long time, others who are less familiar with it have been missing out on this unique opportunity. So, if you’re someone who has been on the fence about adding Super CE to your sales strategy, here are three reasons to help get you over the hurdle.

Reason #1 – It’s Highly Attractive

For those who know about it, Super CE is getting all the hype these days – and for good reason! Not only do advisors like the idea of knocking out the bulk of their continuing education credits in one sweep, they also like that they can read through the course materials on their own time. While some advisors don’t mind attending seminar after seminar to rack up all their required credits, others prefer to get it done as quickly as possible. Super CE is the best option available for these ambitious advisors.

Reason #2 – It’s Versatile and Accommodating

This delivery type isn’t only attractive to busy advisors, it’s also a fan-favorite for wholesalers and product specialists who are looking to get some facetime with advisors in exchange for value-add CE. Since the pre-approved Super CE courses already offer credits in the double digits, many wholesalers opt for a shorter review session (which can be as little as 20-30 minutes) and use the remainder of the time to pitch their products and build client-relationships. And since the review session can be hosted in-person or via webinar, wholesalers can easily accommodate everyone’s meeting preferences.

Reason #3 – It’s Super Easy to Implement

On top of being one of the most appealing CE delivery methods, Super CE is super easy to implement. A common misconception with Super CE is that that it takes a long time to get course content approved before an event can even be set up. However, if you work with a vendor like Quest CE, there are several off-the-shelf, pre-approved courses readily available. So, outside of providing ample time for advisors to register for the event and review the course materials, the turnaround on these multi-credit events is quick! Not only that, but the required exams can be completed online, meaning that advisors are immediately notified with their results.

As you can see, Super CE provides firms with a unique opportunity to offer a ton of value to advisors, while also providing the ability to meet with these new leads. The easy set-up process and quick turnaround times make Super CE appealing to both wholesalers and the advisors they work with.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Super CE delivery method and want to learn more about it, check out this blog. If you want to speak with a Quest CE associate about Super CE or any of our other CE delivery offerings, give us a call at (877) 593-3366, or connect with us here.