The past year pushed business of all shapes and sizes to pivot and innovate in ways they may never have imagined. As we look back on 2020, it may be easy to forget that there were plenty of moments worth celebrating. So, before we dive too deep into the new year, we want to share some of Quest CE’s top service updates and system enhancements from the previous year.

Two-Factor Authentication: In 2020, we introduced two-factor authentication to our platforms for additional security. This opt-in feature enables users to more securely access the data and resources that reside in Quest CE client accounts. This two-step verification process provides an extra layer of security for our client’s important data.

Super Client: Due to our partnership with several consulting companies, who manage programs on behalf of their clients, we took on building Parent and Child accounts into our system. Our team created a new user type called, Super Client, which gives consulting firms the ability to house, manage and report on all their client’s data in one, centralized location, while still being able to drill into specific accounts, when needed.

General Disclosure: To better serve our client’s needs for tracking and preventing potential conflicts of interest, we added a “general” disclosure type to our system. This disclosure type helps firms to create, store and approve/reject firm-specific disclosures in their accounts. This new enhancement also allows firms to create custom-made categories to be included in their disclosure type dropdown menu, making it easy for firm members to login to the system to submit a pre-approval or notice request. 

General Questionnaires: Similar to general disclosures, our team developed a new “general” questionnaire type which allows clients to build and launch their own firm-specific questionnaires from the Quest CE system. This questionnaire type exists outside of pre-existing products, like the Annual Compliance Questionnaire (ACQ), and can be used to collect all types of data. This service comes complete with its own reporting section which helps firms keep their data organized.

Advertising Review: Another addition to our conflicts of interest tracking service is a new advertising-specific disclosure type. As you can guess from the name, this disclosure type allows representatives to easily disclose any advertising correspondence they may intend to send to investors/clients. Like with our other disclosure types, client administrators have the option to set up a custom approval hierarchy for advertisements submitted for review which can then be approved or rejected on-the-fly.

For questions regarding these, or any of Quest CE’s services, give our team a call at 877-593-3366 or email us at