Before putting 2020 completely behind us, it’s important to look back and remember some of our top accomplishments from the year. So, before we dive too deep into the new year, we’re taking our own advice and sharing some of Quest CE’s top services updates and system enhancements from the past year.

Super CE: One of Quest CE’s main focuses this year was improving our Super CE offering by making it available in a digital format. As a combination of two forms of continuing education: 1) a multi-credit self-study course and 2) a 1-hour live review session/exam, Super CE has become one of the more popular delivery methods among busy advisors.

To improve this service, our team created a centralized platform for submitting course/instructor filings for state approval, scheduling CE events and tracking attendee registration. From the attendee’s perspective, they can easily register for Super CE events online and gain on-demand access to self-study course materials. One of the biggest enhancements made to this process, was bringing the course exam online, cutting the credit processing time by more than half.

Two-Factor Authentication: We live in an age where heightening our cybersecurity measures on a regular basis is a must. To help defend against potential cyber-threats, we added two-factor authentication login credentials to all client accounts. This two-step verification process provides an extra layer of security for our client’s important data.

Digital “Filing Cabinet:” There’s a lot that goes into managing a successful continuing education program – and yes, that includes paperwork. So, to make our CE management platform more efficient for our clients, our team created a digital “filing cabinet” within the system. This new feature allows clients to view a number of electronic documents related to their program, including approval and renewal documents, audits, seminar attendee lists, affidavits, webinar polling question responses, etc.

For questions regarding these, or any of Quest CE’s services, give our team a call at 877-593-3366 or email us at