MILWAUKEE – Quest CE, trusted provider of compliance training and tracking technology solutions, announced the addition of the new Firm Element course, “Mastering Compliance with the DOL’s Final Fiduciary Rule” as a new firm element course! 

Dive into a comprehensive exploration of the Department of Labor’s (DOL) Final Fiduciary Rule, a pivotal regulation that reshapes how financial advisors, compliance officers, and registered representatives handle retirement and investment advice. Tailored for experienced professionals in the finance sector regulated by FINRA and the SEC, this course equips participants with a deep understanding of the rule’s requirements, its implications for fiduciary conduct, and effective compliance strategies. 

Through a combination of regulatory text analysis, industry insights, and practical applications, this course ensures a thorough grasp of the Rule and provides the knowledge needed to implement and adhere to its standards. Participants will gain the tools to maintain ethical and legally compliant financial advising practices. Additionally, the course addresses the broader impacts of the rule on the financial services industry, offering strategies to overcome anticipated challenges and further boosting confidence in navigating this new regulatory landscape. 

Course Topics Include:  

  • Detailed Analysis of The Rule’s Provisions 
  • Industry Reactions and Legal Challenges 
  • Implementing the Rule: Best Practices and Pitfalls 
  • Future Outlook and Continuing Education 

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