MILWAUKEE – February 3, 2022 – Quest CE, trusted provider of compliance training and tracking technology solutions, is excited to announce the release of its latest Branch Audit system enhancements. New features include a system styling overhaul, an upgraded Post-Audit section, email blast functionality, and more!

Enhancements made to the Branch Audit system in 2020 set the stage for the bigger changes being released today. While working closely with the company’s client-facing team members, Quest CE’s dedicated team of developers was able to implement several client-inspired enhancements into the updated platform.

“Let me be the first to say that these enhancements are a true game-changer for our clients and their auditing teams,” said Quest CE’s Chief Commercial Officer, Alex Krenke. “This was a true collaboration between our internal development teams and our customers. We scrutinized every detail to ensure that this update is a major upgrade to the audit management process. We can’t wait to get our users in the system to try all the new functionality out!”

With the addition of many behind the scenes enhancements, this list highlights some of the top changes that will make the biggest impact on Quest CE’s Branch Audit users.

Styling/Layout Overhaul

Main Dashboard: The new look and feel of the Branch Audit system was designed with the end-user in mind. The first thing users will see when they log into their accounts is a series of interactive graphical reports. These reports are designed to give client administrators and branch auditors a visual representation of their firm/branch audit findings, in real-time.

Audit Navigation: The audit navigation bar has been redesigned to make toggling through each section of the audit process much more streamlined. Additionally, new functionality added to the audit navigation section lets users pick up where they left off by automatically opening to the last worked section.

Post Audit/Follow-up Section: Similar to the general design overhaul, the Post-Audit/Follow-up section has been redesigned with a more user-friendly navigation bar. These styling changes make it easier for users to work through the follow-up process and to keep tabs on their progress.

Questionnaire Management

Questionnaire Status Indicator: This new feature allows users to mark questionnaires as active or inactive. “Active” meaning that the given questionnaire is available and can be assigned within the system. “Inactive” meaning that the particular questionnaire is hidden from view, which helps keep a user’s account current and organized.

Pre-Audit Questionnaire: Another new feature in the system includes a “Change Questionnaire” button that allows users to switch out previously assigned Pre-Audit questionnaires at any time. This time saving feature eliminates the need to contact a Quest CE Account Executive to change out the questionnaire on a client’s behalf.

Due Dates & Email Management

Due Dates: To help users keep better tabs on their audits, this new feature makes it easy to assign due dates to Pre-Audit questionnaires, as well as Post-Audit attestations.

Email Management: Although the ability to send emails directly from the Branch Audit system isn’t new, there are some new features that will give users more flexibility and control over the way they manage this correspondence. While the previous system only sent immediate, one-time emails, new functionality allows users to schedule emails to go out in the future. Additionally, users can choose to schedule reminder emails to go out on a recurring basis.

Email Visibility: On top of the new scheduling features, the new system provides better visibility into the emails that are sent from the Branch Audit system.

Post-Audit Updates

Final Audit PDF: This new optional section was added on behalf of firms that require a final review or audit summary documentation. This documentation remains locked until all issues and/or deficiencies have been resolved, to ensure that users have the most finalized data.

New Final Reviewer Role: Not all firms operate the same way. This is why the new Final Reviewer Role was created. This role is meant to be filled by someone at a firm who is responsible for getting eyes on the audit findings and giving final approval to the completed audit.

Final Reviewer Letter Template: To accompany the Final Reviewer Role, a new letter template option has been added in the Post-Audit section. This new template is specific to users with a Final Reviewer status and can be saved and utilized within the system.

For additional information on the newest enhancements, or to learn more about Quest CE’s Branch Audit tool, contact us here.

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