We’ve been connecting with a lot of people in the asset management/insurance carrier space over the last few weeks. The majority say that they are continuing to adjust their sales and marketing efforts by cancelling in-person gatherings, scrambling to reschedule events, or like many others, going virtual.

But with so many conferences and events going online, it can also be difficult to get attendees on board. The feeling of “been there, done that” always lingering. Now, more than ever, companies need to get creative. So, how do you impress your attendees?

One hack some of our clients are using to increase attendance and engagement in their virtual conferences is offering free, value-add continuing education. With a little planning in place, you can turn your next keynote address or breakout session into educational content that your attendees will not only enjoy, but also receive credit for watching.

Many advisors are missing out on this perk now that live conferences have been cancelled or postponed, so adding CE credit to your virtual events can be a great way to still service that need for clients/prospects. All you need to do is take some time to get your speakers and product specialists filmed in advance. You can then sprinkle the pre-recorded, credit-approved breakout sessions throughout your conference.

At the end of each breakout, attendees can be given the option to click out to an online exam, offering them credit for designations such as CFP, CIMA, CLU/ChFC and more. Exam takers can immediately see whether they passed or failed the exam, and credits are processed in as little as two business days. Voilà! Just like that, you’ve helped some of your attendees take a step toward keeping their designation(s) active.

Annual conferences pack as much value for the hosts as they do for the attendees, and virtual events shouldn’t be any different. So, after an attendee has completed the exam, the host, that’s you, is granted unlimited access to attendee information. Through a custom login, you’ll get the inside scoop on all attendees, including breakout sessions they attended, professional designations they hold, products and services they are interested in, etc.

As we continue to navigate the current landscape and adjust our daily, monthly and annual processes, it’s important to not forget the resources that are available to us. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can include value-add continuing education in your next virtual event, give our team a call at (877) 593-3366, or contact sales@questce.com.