As a sales or marketing expert, you know how important it is to be able to showcase the return on investment (ROI) for each marketing/sales push you do, but you don’t always have the right strategy for figuring this out. For instance, you’ve noticed that offering continuing education (CE) to advisors in your sales pipe has turned a profit for your business, but do you have a good way of measuring this data and converting it into ROI?

Cue in data feeds, the technical term for being able to move data from one system to another. Data feeds come in handy when you’re utilizing a vendor like Quest CE to manage your value-add continuing education program and you need a way to seamlessly move that information from the vendor’s platform to your firm’s existing customer relationship management (CRM) system. The usefulness of having these systems communicate is that you gain organization and centralization in your data, have easy advisor behavior visibility and improve workflow prioritization between internal and external wholesalers.

But why does that matter?

By housing this information in your CRM, you can easily track how advisors are responding to your continuing education offerings and discover which avenues are most profitable for your business. Specifically, you’ll gain awareness of the following:

  • How sales are affected by whether a wholesaler delivers CE or not
  •  Which CE delivery methods make an impact on sales ( webinar, live CE, e-learning, etc.)
  • Which training topics attract the most advisors and how that impacts product sales
  • The typical “sales cycle” or touchpoints it takes to convert a prospect into a sale
  • Whether you have higher retention when CE is being offered
  • And more!

Once you have a data-backed understanding of how CE affects your sales and marketing goals, you’ll be able to author relevant content, map out your future CE offerings, and stay atop the changing shift and quickly accommodate to the needs of the new generation of advisors.

To start utilizing data feeds with your CE program, reach out to your Quest CE account executive or call (877) 593-3366 to speak to a customer service representative.