Does your company have a content hub for financial advisors to visit? If your goal is inbound traffic, this is likely both a necessity and expectation. But what good is all that traffic to your website if there’s nothing tangible for your wholesaling staff to follow-up on?

The unfortunate truth is that the vast majority of your visitors will leave your website without ever taking an action to identify themselves. But what if we were to tell you that we could help convert some of that traffic, based on content you already have developed on your website, and all you had to do was get it approved for continuing education credits?

Let’s Talk Specifics – How Does it (Actually) Work?

Glad you asked. Let’s say your in-house content team produces a white paper on fixed income ETF investing. At Quest CE, we would work with you to get that piece of content, or several pieces, approved for designation credit. Once approved, we would use our Online Public Exam service to build a 10-question exam based the reading materials, which they will then be able to access upon consuming the content. If the reader passes the exam with a score of 70% or higher, they’ll receive continuing education credit on-the-spot. It’s really that easy.

Financial advisors will then receive a certificate of completion immediately. For any credits that require processing, our team of compliance experts will file those credits quickly, often within two business days. For those of you asking what you content can be approved for, we’ve worked with such designations as CFP, CIMA, CFA and many more. For a full list of available designations, contact us at

We can also help brand the exam landing page so it looks and feels like a seamless extension of your website. Once the exam is complete, advisors are directed back to your website to continue sifting through your resources. They get continuing education, while you get better insight into who visiting your website and which products they’re most interested in.

The Takeaway: Making your Content More Consumable

The best part about getting your blogs, whitepapers or podcasts approved for designation continuing education is that you can allow financial advisors to consume your resources freely, but you’re still able to gather those qualified leads by having them elect to share their information in exchange for credit.

Not only will your content marketing continue to showcase your expertise in the industry, but it will also help your consumers complete some of their training requirements, making it even more enticing. This alone will help increase traffic to your website and set you apart from competitors. And since Quest CE’s system stores all user information and exam completions, you’ll have endless access to participating advisors’ contact information, making it easy to reach out and build new client relationships.

If you’re interested in learning more about Quest CE’s Public Exam Tool, or would like to see a demonstration of this service, give our sales team a call at (877) 593-3366, or contact