Today, data is everywhere. From tracking visitors on your website to tallying up conversions from your email campaigns, it’s not always easy to measure the return on investment (ROI) from your marketing analytics. More specifically, we’re finding that marketers in the insurance and asset management space are sometimes missing the mark when it comes to measuring ROI from their firm’s continuing education (CE) program.

A robust CE program comes with its fair share of data, which sometimes makes it tricky to pinpoint the program’s key performance indicators (KPIs) that lead to ROI. To clear up some of the confusion, we’re listing the top four KPIs you should pay attention to in your CE program.

Popular CE Delivery Methods

Let’s kick this list off with arguably the most important KPI your firm should be tracking – your top CE delivery methods. Every advisor is different in terms of learning preferences. Some prefer earning their one-off credits in person, via webinar, or online, others through multi-credit Super CE. Luckily, your CE management platform can tell you exactly which of your CE delivery methods are bringing home the most bacon.

Courses with High Attendance

Although advisors are required to complete a certain number of credits during their licensing period, it doesn’t mean they are willing to take just any CE. Like any professional, advisors are attracted to topics that can help them build up their skills and enhance their careers. You can get a good idea of which courses/topics that appeal to your target market by reviewing which courses are pulling the highest number of attendees within your CE management platform.

Most Active Instructors

Course topics may draw the attention of advisors, but having knowledgeable instructors present the information is the key to getting leads in the door. You can utilize the reporting features in your CE management platform to determine which of your wholesalers/product specialists are instructing the most CE seminars. You can dig even deeper by setting up data feeds and transferring your firm’s CE information back to your CRM. Merging these two systems can give you a better idea of which instructors are bringing in the most leads.

Lead Generation – New vs. Returning Leads

Bringing in leads is one thing, but knowing the way they interact with your brand is another. You can use your CE management platform to determine which advisors are utilizing your CE program for the first time, and which ones are returning time and time again. Having this knowledge will make it easier for you to create targeted campaigns and make sure you’re continuously offering CE topics that are important to your returning advisors.

Quest CE’s CE management platform, QuestTrak, has custom reporting options that make it easy to review their program’s top performing KPIs and better determine their CE program’s ROI. To learn more about Quest CE’s platform, request more information here.