So, you’ve decided to begin delivering insurance/designation continuing education (CE) via webinar. That’s great! The first step of the process is complete. The next big decision is selecting a webinar delivery platform to host your virtual CE events.

Now, what webinar tool you use may depend on the provider you work with. At Quest CE, we can accommodate any of the wonderful platforms available or work with you to find one best suited for your firm.

Before making your purchase, you may want to consider the following factors when deciphering between which platform to choose.

1. Compliance

Much like classroom CE events, webinars bear their own set of requirements that must be met to ensure a successful and compliant delivery. For instance, firms are required to include a few polling questions throughout their presentations as a way to encourage and track engagement. Similarly, webinar CE instructors may have handouts that need to be accessible to all attendees, prior to the presentation. Selecting a webinar platform that has polling capabilities, as well as a place to upload and share important documents, is crucial for meeting CE compliance.

2. Security

Security is major issue to consider when picking out webinar software. With new data breaches popping up in the news daily, it’s essential for you to utilize software that values the security of your webinars and the data you collect from attendees. Not only is security important (for obvious reasons), but it may also play a role in which webinar platforms your target audience can use. For example, there are a number of large wirehouses whose advisors are restricted to only using the platform their own company uses and approves. In many cases, the webinar software that is most widely used is WebEx. Knowing who your audience is, and what restrictions they may have, may play a big role in your decision-making process.

3. Anticipated Number of Attendees/Panelists

As you scale your webinars, more people may begin tune in, so you’ll need a webinar platform that has the ability to grow with you. You may never find yourself hitting the maximum capacity that a webinar platform offers, but it would not be in your best interest to host webinars on a platform that will inevitably limit your long-term growth and potential.

It’s not just the attendees you need to consider when selecting a webinar platform. Many times, you’ll find that having an associate to help monitor attendance and address questions on-the-spot will help the presentation run smoothly. Or, you may want to invite product specialists to present for part of the meeting. If that’s the case, you will want to look for a platform that includes multiple panelist seats or allows you to add more along the way.

4. Video/Audio Quality

At the most basic level, webinars are video or audio transmissions. You want to make sure that your webinar software provider is well-known for its video and audio quality. When the quality of your webinar delivery is poor, it reflects on the value and worth of your company. It’s crucial for you do your research and invest in a webinar provider that delivers a high-quality experience.

5. Reporting

Continuing education webinars are far more than a presentation; they are a business opportunity. With that in mind, it’s crucial that you consider how important reporting is to you and your company when selecting a webinar provider. Sometimes, the webinars that come with the lowest price tags do not include reporting capabilities. So, if you want to leverage your webinars, you need to use a platform that gives you access to robust reports. Additionally, selecting a webinar provider that allows you to export your data to your CRM could simplify the way your wholesalers can track and follow-up with potential clients.

If you’re still stuck and want some help selecting a platform for your webinar CE needs, call us today and we can work with you to pick the technology platform best suited for your firm. If you have questions regarding some of the available webinar platforms, give us call at 877-593-3366, or send an email to