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The end of the year is just around the corner, which means the deadline to comply with NASAA’s new IAR CE Rule will be here before we know it. Since this is the first time IARs are required to take CE, we understand that areas of confusion and questions will most likely arise—which is why we’re here to help you navigate through.

Join us on November 17th at 12PM CST to discuss the new rule and everything you need to know before the upcoming deadline. Hosted by a panel of Quest CE’s managing team, this webinar is perfect for those who aren’t sure what to expect from the new IAR CE Rule and how to move forward.

Items that will be discussed include:

Background on IAR CE Rule

  • What’s the Requirement + Who Does it Impact?
  • Preparing for the Dec 31, 2022 Deadline
  • Fees/Cost Structures

How QCE’s Solution Works (Demo)

  • Individual vs Firm Accounts
  • Package Options (Full/Half)
  • Launching a Program: Assigning Content
  • Firm Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Credit Reporting: To Whom, When & How Long Does It Take?
  • How does Firm Element/Reg Element/Dual Credit Work?
  • What if my IARs are Registered in Multiple States?
  • What Happens if IARs Fail to Comply?



The seat limit for this session is 250 participants and is anticipated to run for an estimated 45-60 minutes. If you or an associate is unable to attend the webinar but would still like a demonstration/copy of the presentation, please contact us here.


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