How Firms are Capitalizing on Virtual “CE” Roadshows

For insurance companies, offering continuing education (CE) credit to get in front of advisors has been, and continues to be one of the top sales strategies. One of the best things about using CE in your sales strategy is the vast number of delivery methods available to wholesalers, including in-person events, webinars, CE vouchers, and much more. However, it’s the firms that are taking simple CE events and turning them into multi-day (and multi-credit) roadshows that are standing out to CE-hungry advisors.

Similar to a conference, a CE roadshow is a multi-day event that offers several CE sessions that all fall under a general theme, such as current market conditions, retirement planning, etc. In the past, most roadshows were held in-person; however, many firms have now begun offering virtual roadshows as a way to reach more advisors.

As a completely customizable CE delivery method, firms that go this route have offered virtual roadshows in several different ways. While one company may host a standing, monthly CE webinar that covers related topics for each session, another may offer several CE sessions during a one-week or even one-day span, making it easy for advisors to pick-and-choose which sessions to attend.

These multi-day events are much different then your typical one-off webinar or classroom events in that you have attendee’s attention for much more then just the 60-minutes the CE session was slated for. Webinars are great for quick, bite-sized meetings, but not experiences and events. Therefore, many companies are investing in virtual tradeshows to combine breakout rooms, product-based discussions, keynote speeches, downloadable content and much more to add tremendous value for attendees.

Virtual tradeshows are also optimized to keep conversations, ideas, and engagement flowing constantly. They prioritize the needs of the attendees by giving them more control to attend the topics or trainings are of the most interest to them. Not only that, but virtual tradeshows turn what were once one-off on-site events or webinars into recurring virtual events where you can educate and sell year-round.

Finally, when a roadshow wraps-up, firms have access to plenty of data specifying the types of products roadshow attendees may be interested in. Firms can then use that data to create targeted campaigns to follow-up with those attendees. From this data, they can also learn which industry topics are most popular, helping them to plan out future CE events.

While advisors have the opportunity to earn multiple CE credits, firms walk away from roadshow events with new leads and a plan of attack for getting those leads to purchase their products. To learn more ways firms are utilizing continuing education to increase sales, check out this blog. To request more information about Quest CE’s offerings, click here.