Gifts and Entertainment Tracking

Set firm and individual spend limits and automatically deny overages as they arise.

Set Firm Limits

If reviewing gift and entertainment expenses at your firm feels like heavy labor – it’s most likely because it is. At Quest CE, we can help lighten the load by providing you with the ability to easily enforce corporate policies, expense limits and approval workflows. Using our system, you can set an overall budget for your firm, as well as limits on what an individual can give/receive. This assures that each time a user submits a gift or entertainment disclosure, the amount spent is documented, it never exceeds your firm’s limit (i.e. $100/person) and potential conflicts of interest are proactively mitigated.

Improve Purchasing Visibility

Create your own custom approval workflows to ensure the right people have a way of reviewing the disclosures that affect their staff or department, before its heightened to compliance for final approval. Expenses can also be set-up to auto-approve so long as the request complies with your firm’s limit requirements.

Alert your Team to Overage Requests

Implement a system that warns or prevents your staff from submitting gift/entertainment expenses that have already exceeded a spend limit. Users will be proactively notified if a request indicates a policy violation or excessive spending, before it’s submitted for pre-approval.

Communicate On-The-Fly

Use our system to discuss gift/entertainment expenses and communicate policies. Once a disclosure is submitted for pre-approval, your compliance team has the ability to directly communicate with staff to request additional information to better evaluate whether it should be approved/denied.


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