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In today’s highly competitive industry, it’s become increasingly difficult for your wholesalers to not only maintain, but grow their business. To face this challenge, more and more companies are integrating live, continuing education classes into their wholesaler presentations as a means to generate new leads, deepen advisor relationships and increase ROI. Once you decide to work with us, we’ll take care of all the busy paperwork required by state regulation to make sure your program runs smoothly.


Trust the Professionals

Worried about all of the forms, requirements and deadlines associated with implementing these types of events? We’ve got you covered. Our team of compliance specialists is here to operate as a seamless extension of your firm. With over 60,000 live seminars under our belt, we understand the state-by-state regulations that surround a successful and compliant continuing education program and ensure that your courses, instructors, and attendee materials are up-to-date and available on-site the day of your event.

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Learn how value-add continuing education helps build stronger, lasting relationships with your advisors.


Better manage your instructor-led continuing education programs.

Smart Scheduling

QuestTrak is the online system we use to help your firm more effectively schedule seminars, maintain attendee information, manage instructor contacts and track course materials. Designed to help streamline the management of national events, our system has the ability to identify scheduling conflicts in real-time by validating course/instructor approvals and cross checking regulatory requirements.

Track ROI

Our administrative services allow for marketable reporting through the utilization of QuestTrak. On-demand reports showcase the program’s most popular courses, top performing wholesalers, seminar attendance and more. Additionally, you have the ability to customize weekly data feeds that can pull information into your firm’s internal or third-party CRM, connecting external and internal wholesalers.

97% of QuestTrak users would recommend the system to a fellow wholesaler.

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