About Quest CE

Quest CE is the premier provider of compliance training and tracking solutions to the financial services industry. In addition to offering on-demand insurance and designation continuing education, Quest CE provides a complete spectrum of proprietary web-based solutions for managing compliance and risk exposures.

Quest CE’s Principles for Success:

  1. Provide Exceptional Customer Service
  2. Provide Creative & Customizable Client Solutions
  3. Competitive Pricing

Our belief: If we execute on these 3 simple principles, we will prosper and grow.

Dedicated to Innovation

We believe that the compliance platforms that worked 10 years ago can no longer hold-up in today’s data-driven world. The ever-changing regulatory challenges of the financial services industry have created a necessity for secure and innovative compliance solutions. Such challenges have motivated Quest CE to develop training and tracking applications that can not only contain, but simplify the scope of the regulatory environment. To keep pace with technological advancements, we continue to update our solutions to improve product quality, compliance procedures, and internal operations.

Acting in the Best Interest of our Clients

Because Quest CE is a privately held firm, we can quickly meet the ever-changing needs of our industry. Acting independently, we determine our own strategic priorities and can establish long-term initiatives that work in the best interest of our clients, our business and our associates. Furthermore, unlike other vendors who outsource their technology, Quest CE’s in-house IT department allows us to easily customize services, alleviate deficiencies and control costs.

We Stand Behind Our Products & That’s Why Our Clients Stand Behind Us

Our promise is to not only deliver innovative solutions, but more importantly deliver added value to our clients’ compliance program, giving them a true competitive edge in the market. This promise is what distinguishes Quest CE from our competitors, and provides us with the additional opportunity to earn our partner’s enduring loyalty. As a testament to this commitment, from 2014 to 2015, Quest CE maintained 97% of its clients from the previous year.  This industry-leading client retention rate is indicative of the company’s dedication to providing the highest levels of support to our clients. Obtaining new customers is only the first step in building a strong client relationship. Quest CE strongly believes that we offer a point of difference by exceeding our clients’ expectations in customer care so that they become loyal advocates. As a trusted vendor to some of the most prestigious financial institutes nationwide, we are proud to stand behind our quality compliance management solutions.

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