Renaissance User Advisory Group

Join us for a series of discussions focused on listening to our customers.


About This Group 

Why Get Involved? 

At Quest CE, we’re dedicated to working with you to develop training and technology solutions that support your compliance needs. It is for that reason that we decided to create a client-exclusive User Advisory Group focused on doing just that.

To work for you, we want to work with you. 

Join us and other Quest CE users as we explore the latest industry trends and discuss the top challenges facing your firms. Our open forum will allow you to share insights with Quest CE executive leadership, collaborate and discuss best practices on industry disruptors and shape the strategic direction of Quest CE’s solutions.


[Webinar] Meeting Registration

August 28, 2019 @ 12PM CT


– Recap of July Meeting 

– Content Calendar: Recently Published Courses

– Status Update: IT Projects

– Change Requests: Polling Audience Interest

– Open Q&A Forum/Discussion

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July User Group Meeting


– Recap of June Meeting 

– Content Calendar: Three New Courses

– Status Updates: DTCC Code, PST Forms

– Client Feedback: Designation CE Public Exams

– Open Q&A Forum/Discussion

Recording >> Meeting Notes

June User Group Meeting


– Recap of May Meeting 

– Content Calendar: Six New Courses

– Status Updates: Branch Audit & PST Forms

– Client Feedback: Font Color Update

– Open Q&A Forum/Discussion

Recording >> Meeting Notes

What to Expect from this Group

Quest CE EVP of Sales, Marketing and Client Services shares group benefits

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