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Sexual harassment training has become a high priority for every business. Recent headlines and hashtags underscore the need for firms to have training in place that educates staff on what constitutes sexual harassment and how to make the right decisions and take the right actions if/when they experience or witness sexual harassment or other misconduct. Our training is inclusive to any work environment and even includes additional information regarding states such as California and New York that have laws that specifically address sexual harassment.

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NY - Combating Sexual Harassment

Use our bundled training/policy package to comply with New York's recent regulation.

Sexual Harassment Training

On April 12, 2018, New York Governor Cuomo signed the state budget, which mandates employers provide employees with annual, interactive sexual harassment training. As a result, we offer a training course focused specifically on this regulation and helping users better understand what is considered sexual harassment and how to prevent/report misconduct when is occurs.

Prevention Policy

In addition to providing training, New York employers must adopt a written sexual-harassment prevention policy and distribute it to employees by October 9, 2018. To help firms comply, Quest CE has built a template for firms to utilize/customize that includes important information, such as a standard compliant form, as well as procedures regarding timely investigation, sanctions and unlawful retaliation.

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