[Case Study] Quality Improvement

Clearing firm benefits from uninterrupted access to system, certificates and reporting.


Client Profile

While serving over 100 correspondents and more than one million customer accounts, this clearing corporation provides settlement and technology services to the global financial services industry. To keep its employees up-to-date on industry trends and regulations, the client has an internal need for fulfilling Firm Element and Annual Compliance Meeting training.


Business Challenge

Finding training courses that are hosted on a user-friendly platform has been a challenge for the clearing corporation in the past. With their previous vendor, the client regularly ran into issues with their training program. Major problems included frequent technology glitches while trying to log into the system, course and exam sessions timing out and inadequate turnaround times for completion certificates. With annual training being a time sensitive requirement, the clearing corporation sought out another vendor to host their compliance program.



The clearing corporation had worked with Quest CE in the past, but in 2015 they moved their program to another vendor with lower prices. After running into several issues with the vendor, the clearing corporation transferred their training program back to Quest CE in 2017. As a previous client, the clearing corporation was familiar with Quest CE’s easy-to-use platform and the company’s ability to quickly address any technical issues. With an average system up-time of 99.9%, the client has received uninterrupted access to their compliance program, while benefitting from quick turnaround times and unmatched technical support.


Quick Turnaround

All of our proprietary technology is built and maintained in-house, which allows our team to quickly address any technical support questions you may have.

Uninterrupted Access

In the last year, our system has achieved an uptime of 99.99%, one of the most consistent records of reliability in the market today.


Timestamped Certificates

Keeping up with your CE requirements is important, that’s why our system generates notifications immediately after a course has been completed.

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