Compliance Technology

Quest CE prides itself in the creation, execution and continual growth of its proprietary technology solutions. By building our systems in-house, we have the unique ability to customize services, expedite requests, control user-costs and most importantly, change with the constantly evolving industry.

Unlike other vendors who outsource their technology, or rely on archaic infrastructures, Quest CE’s in-house team of developers build every solution with the end user in mind, oftentimes even using their professional insight to expand functionality and address potential obstacles facing the industry. Additionally, our systems have almost no lag time, review period, or delay and operate in real-time, allowing clients to efficiently manage all of their compliance training and tracking details from one consolidated, easy-to-use dashboard.

Renaissance, LMS

Quest CE’s Learning Management System is the engine that drives both its e-commerce Insurance CE portal and its securities training and tracking solutions. [See Renaissance].

Audit Management [Award-winning]

Quest CE’s Branch Audit Tool simplifies the audit lifecycle by seamlessly scheduling internal branch audits, while automatically tracking risk and deficiency results from one, synchronized platform. [See Audit Management]

BridgeWeb CRD/NIPR Repository

Quest CE’s Bridge is a web-based, multifaceted application that automates, centralizes, and simplifies the task of FINRA licensing and registration [See Licensing and Registration]

QuesttrakCE Administration Tool

The Questtrak application is used by insurance/mutual fund wholesalers and sales support professionals to help manage their live, instructor-led continuing education events being held for financial advisors [See Questtrak].

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