Audit Management

Designed and developed with extensive input from industry field auditors, Quest CE’s Branch Audit Tool helps firms efficiently execute internal audits.

By providing users with a powerful workflow engine that automates the entire audit lifecycle, users can seamlessly schedule audits, assign pre-audit/branch audit questionnaires and track results from their firm’s secure, corporate branded platform. Upon completion of a branch inspection, an automatic summary of the audit’s findings is produced.

For Administrators:

  • A SSAE 16 Type II Secure Environment
  • Fully Customizable Questionnaires
  • Built-In Work Queues to Mitigate Compliance Risk
  • Integrated Electronic Scheduling and Tracking
  • Risk Analysis Meter and Percentage Charts
  • Pre-Populated Risk Flags
  • Summarized Audit Findings
  • Detailed Reports for Deficiency Follow-Ups
  • Smart Scheduling                                                     (Automated Re-occurrences i.e. Annually, Quarterly)

For Auditors:

  • Real-Time, Mobile Ready Access
  • 4 Step Audit Process for Thorough Data Collection
  • Team Audit Capabilities
  • Flagged Pre-Audit Questionnaires
  • Personalized Calendar View of  Scheduled Audit
  • Private Notes for Each Audit
  • Pre-Audit Checklists
  • Offline Sync
  • Automated Email Follow Up
  • Digital Supervisor and Individual Rep Attestation

Survey Builder

As an added feature, administrators can create, edit and assign custom audit surveys using Quest CE’s Survey Builder. [see Content Management]




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