Outside Brokerage Account

Stay up-to-date with your representative's outside brokerage activities.

Simplify Account Management

As required by FINRA, registered persons must disclose their involvement with brokerage accounts outside their member firm. To help firms comply, we designed our disclosure tracking service to not only offer a comprehensive online form that walks users through the disclosure process, but we’ve also added the functionality to allow firms to easily manage the intake of statements received from these outside accounts in a WORM-compliant system.


Gap Reporting

In addition to several other outside brokerage account-specific reporting options, our system contains a gap report that displays all statements that have been uploaded to the system, while highlighting any gaps that may exist between statements. This allows you to easily track whether statements are consistently being uploaded and properly reviewed by compliance.

Approval Hierarchy

Every organization is unique when it comes to monitoring their firm’s compliance needs. That’s why our disclosure tracking service includes a flexible approval hierarchy, which allows administrators to assign supervisors or approvers to specific branches, departments and individuals to ensure that potential conflicts of interest are receiving immediate attention. If necessary, administrators also have the option to override hierarchies so that items that require immediate action can go directly to the final approver.

Automated Risk Alerts

At Quest CE we understand that there may be certain transactions you want to be notified of due to the nature of your business or the risk it carries. That’s why we designed our system to allow your firm to set up risk alerts that will inform you via email if/when a certain trading activity occurs or a trading limit is exceeded.

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