[WEBINAR] Training: Beyond Checking the Box


In the past, lengthy paper manuals and three-ring binders were how information was shared around the office. Today’s cutting edge companies are leveraging virtual classrooms, online quizzes, self-paced courses and on-demand discussion groups to train and develop their staff. As young professionals join the workforce, lowering the median age of your representatives and advisors, the approach to training must be able to reach veteran and younger “tech-savvy” employees alike.

In our upcoming webinar, Quest CE staff will discuss how the right training plan can greatly enhance learning retention and facilitate a culture of compliance at your firm. Additionally, we’ll discuss risks associated with training shortcuts, staggering statistics on learning engagement and what regulators expect to see from you during routine examinations. Join the discussion April 4, 2018 at 11AM CST.


Risks Associated with Learning Deficiencies 

  • Company Damage/Fines
  • Long Learning Curves/Productivity Rates
  • Case Studies: Exam Deficiencies

Different Delivery Formats: Pros vs Cons

  • Retention/Engagement
  • Cost/Benefit
  • Complying with FINRA Rule 1250

Presenting Quality Training Materials

  • Rich Media and Interactivity
  • Adult Learning Traits
  • Increasing Knowledge Retention
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The seat limit per session is 100 participants. The anticipated duration of this webinar is 45 minutes. If you or an associate is unable to attend the webinar but would still like a demonstration/copy of the presentation, please contact our sales team at 877-593-3366 or sales@questce.com.


About Quest CE

For over thirty years, Quest CE has been the premier provider of compliance training and tracking solutions to the financial services industry. In addition to offering on-demand insurance and designation continuing education, Quest CE provides a complete spectrum of proprietary technology solutions for managing compliance risk exposures.

Serving more than 1,000 leading insurance carriers, broker-dealers, banks, and other financial institutions, Quest CE is committed to providing advanced custom solutions at cost effective rates, while providing a level of service that greatly surpasses that of our competitors. Quest CE is the single source solution for organizations’ training and compliance needs. For more information on Quest CE, visit www.questce.com.