Get Automated with Quest CE’s Email Blast Tool

Sending email reminders to your representatives each year can be a nuisance. With our compliance management system, you can easily track your representatives’ training completions and quickly schedule automatic email reminders through our Email Blast tool.

How it Works

In an effort to ease your daily tasks, our Email Blast tool gives you the option to schedule reminders to be sent as a one-time alert or on a recurring basis until all training is complete. On top of that, it’s quick and easy to use; simply select your recipient group and the appropriate template, then choose your desired date, time and schedule type, fill in the remaining credentials and select “schedule email.” It’s as easy as that!

Plan Ahead and Save Time

Each year, you likely find yourself sending out the same emails to your representatives. Whether you’re announcing the start of a new training program or sending out training reminders, crafting new emails each time is not an efficient use of your time. Our CMS takes the difficulty out of this process by allowing you to create custom templates. To build a template, create a title and then choose to customize a pre-built template, or create one from scratch. Having templates on hand makes it easy to schedule automated alerts, saving you the hassle of sending them throughout the training year.

Customize Mailing Groups

Once you’ve created your email template, you then need to select the group who will receive the information. Whether you need to contact your supervisors, marketing team, or even high-risk representatives who require additional supervision and more frequent reminders, our system does the busy work for you. To create a group, start off by coming up with a group name, and select the “add” option. From there, you will be able to choose specific users from the “unassigned users” list. Once the appropriate users have been selected, you can review your customized list within the “assigned users” tab. Forming groups ahead of time gives you the convenience of quickly scheduling your automated emails.

For more information about our Email Blast tool or to see a demo of Quest CE’s compliance management system, please contact a Quest CE Sales Executive at 877-593-3366 or email