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Compliance Companion is a web-based resource directory that provides your licensing and registration team with direct access to state-specific continuing education requirements, documents, forms, fees and procedures. Designed to eliminate the manual, time-consuming task of having to navigate to each state’s concurrent Department of Insurance website, this single-source solution gives you state-wide licensing information straight to your fingertips.

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Simplified Registration

Upon selecting a state and residency type, you will have the ability to send registration packets directly to your producers, through Compliance Companion. This email automatically attaches the selected state’s required forms and documentation for completion.


State CE and LTC training requirements

State Journals

Instructions for obtaining or filing changes to a license

State News and Updates

Recent licensing related news or updates

Form Directory

State-wide forms and documents

Link Archive

Quick navigation to each state’s DOI website

Centralized Compliance

Access to all of the documents you need, from one location

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