Five Tips for Making Your Webinars Stand Out

A successful webinar isn’t measured by how good the presentation looks or how much information you can jam pack into it. A successful webinar is measured by how many people register for, and actually attend your presentation.

As webinar invites continue to fill advisor’s inboxes, it’s more important than ever to make your presentation stand out from the pack. To help rack up more registrations for your next webinar, consider the following tips:

Let the Topic do the Selling for You

No matter how you choose to promote your next webinar, making sure the topic is current and captivating is the key to getting more advisors to tune in. One of the best ways to make sure you’re focusing on the right topics is by reviewing your current data to learn which presentations advisors have attended in the past. This will help you hone-in on the subjects that really matter to your attendees and make your webinars really stand out.

Reach Out to Industry Leaders

Packing a ton of information into your webinar presentation isn’t always the best approach. However, bringing in industry-leaders to have an open conversation about the topic at hand, can really set your webinar apart from others. Not only that, but including industry experts can help build your wholesaler’s credibility as a presenter.

Make an Impression in Their Inbox

Since the internet boom in the late 90s, email marketing continues to be one of the most effective marketing techniques – when done correctly. The last thing advisors want is another spammy-looking email. So, when you’re prepping your next webinar invite, make sure you include a unique, eye-catching subject line and an informative pre-header. Don’t let the creativity stop there. Make sure your email content provides a brief description of the webinar and include images and a call to action that will encourage readers to link out to your registration page.

Leave Your Mark on Social Media

Emailing your contact list is great for getting current leads and clients to attend your webinars but putting your webinar information out on social media can help draw the attention of advisors who may not be your radar. With online events making it easy for people from across the nation to attend, advertising or simply posting about your webinar on social media gives you a better chance to reach new advisors.

Utilize Your Advertising Budget

Paid advertising campaigns give you a more targeted reach and typically bring in more results than organic campaigns on their own. That being said, attempting to increase your webinar registrations is a perfectly good reason to dip into your advertising budget. Like social media advertising, paid search ads will help you reach new leads and expand your footprint in the market.

*Bonus Tip: Go the Extra Mile

One thing some people really appreciate about webinars is that they can often be watched on-demand, after the live presentation has ended. For those extra hard-to-reach advisors, who would prefer to tune in on their own time, get your webinar recording approved for designation CE credit. To learn how to multiply your reach by including designation CE with your recorded webinars, click here.

There’s a lot of work that goes into creating your value-add CE webinars; that’s why it’s so important to fill as many seats as possible. To learn how Quest CE can help host your next CE webinar, request more information here.