Top Eight Client-Inspired System Enhancements

MILWAUKEE – Innovation isn’t easy. True innovation takes time, discipline, and a smarter, collaborative approach. That’s why in 2019, Quest CE launched a new Quest CE User Advisory Group with one goal in mind: to engage our clients in constructive conversations about what they like about our products and services and where there’s room to improve.

“This group celebrates excellence and innovation in technology, and only pushes us to continue finding new, forward-thinking ways of delivering exceptional customer experiences,” said Alex Krenke, Quest CE EVP of Sales, Marketing and Client Services. “One of the reasons I am so proud of this group is that at the center of this innovation is our collaborative work with our clients, which gives us insight into the ways we can help them improve their efficiency and effectiveness.”

Thanks to 85+ individual clients who have joined the group, Quest CE has been able to implement several major enhancements within the system. With that, here are the top eight client-inspired system updates:

Email Template Freedom

Per user feedback, our in-house developers updated our Branch Audit solution to allow audit administrators to create and save their own email templates to send out pre-audit user questionnaire login directions and post-audit attestation follow-up directions. In tandem with this update, we also introduced the ability to upload email signatures to emails coming out of the system. 

The Dark Font Rises

To give actionable icons within the system a better sense of shape and volume, we updated their color transparency to a darker shade. This change has helped create greater visibility and site navigation for system users.

1 Credit, 2 Credit, 3 Credit, 4

Similar to the curiosity of one of Dr. Seuss’ characters, one inquiring mind brought to our attention that Insurance CE credit values were not easy to find within the system. To bring this information to the forefront, we added credit values in several areas, including within a user’s profile training sub menu, a user’s profile training assignment list and the training menu’s state/designation lists.

Seamless Web CRD Submission

When it comes to keeping your firm compliant, there’s tons of information you need to keep track of. This is why we designed a new reporting option that allows you to export individual outside business activity information into a Web CRD-friendly format that can be copied and easily submitted to the Web CRD system.

Branch Audit Admin Assistant Role

As there are oftentimes many people involved in an internal audit, this new functionality allows the audit administrator to create separate read-only roles for those who can view audits, but can’t make any changes to the audit itself. This admin-assistant role can, however, assign supervisors to branches or move people from branch to branch.

Try Before You Assign

To make testing questionnaires in the system a little easier, our in-house developers created a way for program administrators to answer questions and move through the survey the same way their respondents would with a real link. That way, they can preview and test out the questionnaire prior to assigning it to your users. These responses do not count toward reporting, so you never have to worry about having “bad data” in your firm account. 

Questionnaire Comparison Report

In one of our earlier meetings, a client expressed interest in being able to compare questionnaire answers year-over-year. Per that suggestion, we built out a report that allows you to compare all, or specific questionnaire responses, from one year to the next. For example, you can compare your 2017 ACQ Question 8 to that same question (regardless of the question number) in your most recent ACQ. Our hope is that this alleviates some of the work included in risk tracking and audit readiness – let us know what you think! 

Change Your Mind? Mass Unassign.

Whether it’s a slip of your finger, or a change in plans, it’s likely that you may assign the wrong training at one time or another. This is why we’ve added the ability for you to unassign a training course from a large population with the click of a button. The one caveat being you can’t unassign training that’s “in progress” already. 


Join our User Advisory Group

The Quest CE User Advisory Group meets virtually every other month to discuss changes and updates as well as provide feedback on product betas, new enhancements, and upcoming projects.  To learn more about Quest CE’s User Advisory Group, or to join the conversation, click here.